3 Minute Limited Gacha “That Thing Which Taste Great Once In A While” (3分間限定ガチャ [たま食べるとうまИアし]) by Makoto Shikano (鹿野誠) is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


The Floor Guardians attend a conference at the behest of Albedo, the topic being on how to cure their master, Ainz Ooal Gown of his emotional stress. Albedo sensing his depression compiled a long list of all possible causes. The Floor Guardians ponder what the cause could be, Mare Bello Fiore adding that Ainz has been visiting the 6th Floor and looking up at the sky, mentioning Blue Planet. The Guardians are brought to tears hearing this burst of emotion from their master, but the last detail Mare gives is that Ainz wanted some Kappumen. Unfamiliar with the term the Floor Guardians use all resources at their disposal to research the name. After taxing hours they manage to produce a teacup with noodles in it, though many feel something is missing. Eclair Ecleir Eicler is the one who brings them the answer, a document he found in the trash from Ainz's room, detailing the query of their search. They finally produce a bowl of ramen which Albedo plans to present to Ainz but gets into an argument with the others over who will receive that privilege. Mare attempts to sneak away with the dish only to be caught. This forces him to use his druid magic to incapacitate his colleagues. Ainz appears and asks what all the commotion is to which Mare passes it off as practice.

After removing themselves from the vines, the Floor Guardians apologize for their behavior and together present Ainz with the bowl of ramen. Albedo admits they have been hearing his dissatisfaction and wished to please him by making him this dish. Ainz realizes that he had been longing for a cup of ramen and Albedo must have heard him. Touched by the gesture, Ainz accepts the dish his subordinates made for him, praising them for their loyalty. He later gives the dish to Hamsuke who eats it only to discover it tastes horrible. Ainz seeing how his words spark such actions resolved to speak with greater caution.

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Chapter Notes

  • Undead are unable to eat or drink, however, Ainz still is nostalgic about his taste senses in the Light Novel.
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