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2ch Alliance (2ch連合) was a top Guild alliance in YGGDRASIL.


2ch Alliance was regarded as one of the largest guild alliances of all time. Because of its size, 2ch Alliance received hostility from more than half of the other top guilds. 2ch Alliance had its headquarters destroyed in the past war. Later on, the developers revised their policy, limiting the number of players in a guild due to the 2ch Alliance. It eventually rose to being the third rank guild in YGGDRASIL, and a rival of Trinity.

According to the author Maruyama, due to how Kyouhukou's room was set up in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, it is partly the reason behind why the 2ch Alliance attacked the guild of Ainz Ooal Gown.[1]


The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Whilst Sebas Tian and Demiurge argued over the fate of Tuare, their argument made Ainz Ooal Gown reminisce of his time with his guildmates. He remembered a moment during one of their meetings, they plotted to reclaim the Seven Hidden Mines from an unknown guild. Besides Trinity, Punitto Moe suggested leaking information to 2ch Alliance about the mine's special relationship in creating Caloric Stone.

This way, it can stirred up a conflict from within the two guilds. Punitto Moe believes that Ainz Ooal Gown will be able to strategically strike at 2ch Alliance and Trinity once they are in a weakened state after the fighting.[2]

In the Web Novel, the 2ch Alliance was planning to ally themselves with other guilds. Ever since the 2ch Alliance obtained a World Item, they changed their stance towards various guilds. One of the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown noted that it will be hard for the 2ch Alliance to form a high-tier coalition like last time.[3]


2ch Alliance was a massive guild, compared by YGGDRASIL standards. If you include all the associated guilds, there would be over 1000 guild members in total. In its heyday, the guild alliance had as many as 3000 members. It was very adept at maintaining its membership and has experience in acquiring World Items.

Since 2ch Alliance is comprised with a large number of members, they could not come to an easy decision among themselves. Hence, the guild show signs of a weakness in their numbers as problems easily occurred every now and then. They had experienced struggles, concerning how all of their World Items were being taken from them. From then on, their numbers continue to drop, weakening them.


  • This guild's full name is only mentioned in the Web Novel so far.
  • Based on the Web Novel, 2ch Alliance maintained the honor of once having the highest number of members in their guild alliance.[4]


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