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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

2021 New Year – Rebirth of Shiramochi-ō (2021正月ー白餅王再誕-) is a holiday event that occurred in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. It was released on January 1, 2021 to January 15, 2021. The event was re-released on January 1, 2023 to January 22, 2023.[1]


Momonga who visited the Round Table Room for a meeting, found Albedo, Demiurge, and a mysterious boy relaxing by a kotastsu and was puzzled. Momonga moves on his own to eliminate the "New Year" mood has spread in Nazarick.――Without knowing that this incident has happened a "second time"[2]


Previously in Fake Nazarick the entity known as Shiramochi-ō is defeated and vanishes restoring the area to its original appearance. On that day, the "New Year" phenomenon that struck Nazarick ended with the White Mochi King's disappearance at Throne Room of Fake Nazarick. It should have been a case close, however at the same time in real Nazarick, on the 10th Floor at where the Throne Room is, the Crack activates and out appears Shiramochi-ō who announces that he comes at the beginning of the year to purify all the old. His body at the center cracks open and the room is dyed white by the emitted light. From inside something new appears and a young blonde hair youth takes the Ruler of New Year's place. The boy shouts "Kagami biraki" and looking curiously around wonders where he is.[3]

Momonga, who is visiting the Round Table Room for a meeting, finds Albedo and Demiurge dressed in kimonos eating mandarin oranges and warming their feet under a Roundtable that has been converted into a kotatsu. Even more unusual, there is a mysterious pale blonde boy with them. Albedo seeing Momonga present greets him and says "Happy New Year", promising to continue to work hard and make constant efforts for the sake of his supreme self. Momonga is stunned by the revelation that it is already New Year's and that the Overseer Guardian is aware of such a holiday. Momonga decides to get back to the purpose of the meeting but is shocked when Albedo and Demiurge move in favor to skip the meeting and enjoy the holiday. Now worried, Momonga sees that the two are acting out of character and believes that they are under some kind of mental influence. He hopes that the influence does not affect undead, but turns to the more pressing issue as to who the strange boy is. When he asks the two Guardians' on the boy's identity they seem unconcerned replying that he was already in the room when they came. This laxity on their part makes Momonga flag it as a serious emergency as neither Guardian would tolerate a stranger in Nazarick under normal circumstances. Trying to figure out how to handle this, Momonga decides to play along rather intern the child, as he does not want to make the first hostile action. If the boy is involved in their conditions and prompt the Guardians to attack him, it would be bad. Instead he asks the boy who he is. The boy honestly tells him that he does not remember who he is or why he is even in Nazarick. He knows that there must be a reason and so far can only recall that his name is Shiro. As for why he is in the Round Table, the boy states that it seemed to be a very comfortable place to relax in. So far Momonga can tell that the boy is not lying and perhaps that he has been afflicted by a spell like [Control Amnesia]. He cannot discount the possibility the boy was sent to Nazarick for some ill purpose. However the situation in the Round Table needs to be supervised while he goes to figure out what is going on. Momonga uses his magic to summon a Death Knight, passing it off to Albedo and Demiurge as a waiter to serve the two while they enjoy their holiday. The two thank him of his generosity and consideration, promising to work harder next year.

After leaving the two in the Round Table, Momonga in the corridor resolves to investigate and discover what is going on. He first plans to summon several undead to search for any clues to the source of this "abnormality" on each floor. A noise distract and he finds that the boy Shiro has followed him out of the room. Momonga suspicious ask why the child is following him. Shiro states that he wishes to join him in his search for the cause of Nazarick's "abnormality" as it may help him regain his memory. Momonga asks why he would assume that there is anything wrong with Nazarick. Shiro points out several factors like the fact Momonga's subordinates accepted him without any problems and yet Momonga clearly is wary of him and tried to quietly leave him behind. Momonga sees that Shiro is sharper than he gave him credit for. Still it seems Momonga gave too much away when he met Shiro, but he is inclined to believe that having Shiro tag with him may not be so bad as it would allow him to convectively monitor him. Momonga agrees for Shiro to join him on his search as Shiro's missing memories could be connected to this anomaly.

After ordering undead summons to search for any abnormalities, Momonga and Shiro arrive at the 10th Floor in the ruined Throne Room. Momonga asks Shiro if can recall where he first appeared in Nazarick. The boy tells him that all he can remember was saying "Kagami biraki". Momonga hearing the word muses that it has to deal with the New Year. According to Shiro when he first became conscious he found himself in the Throne Room surrounded by skeletons. This draws a question from Momonga, who wonders why the undead summon who were guarding the area did not notify him of Shiro's appearance or maybe they were unable to recognize him as a threat. If that is the case then the mental effect may also affect undead, and Momonga draws the possibility that he himself could be under its influence in some way. Shalltear Bloodfallen appears, greeting Momonga wishing him a New Year. Her comment about the New Year proves to Momonga that she too is affected by whatever is spreading in Nazarick. From her he learns that she is on patrol duty here on 10th Floor. It also seems to Momonga that Shalltear's influence of the New Year's mood is minor as she seems to be dedicated to doing her job unlike the two other Guardians he encountered. Momonga deduces that this could be due to Shalltear being an undead and thus the mental effect is minor.

The new face next to Momonga, draws a question from Shalltear. Momonga explains that Shiro is a "guest" in Nazarick and the two make their introductions. The Crack soon activates pouring out Chaos Beasts as usual but soon more miasma comes spilling out and popping out three monsters that resemble kadomatsus. Shalltear seeing them as enemies steps in to fight, and is joined by Momonga and to his surprise Shiro. The trie easily dispatch the beasts. Momonga wonders aloud what type of monsters those kadomatsus were. Shalltear to his shock is unable to recognize the monsters as anything but Chaos Beasts, not even noticing their appearance as kadomatsus. It also seems that Shalltear is holding something that she explains appeared after defeating the Chaos Beasts. It turns out to be a Biwa, but it seems to have no abilities according to Momonga's [Appraisal Magic Item]. Shiro seeing the instrument seems to be familiar with it vaguely, but Momonga decides o hold unto it jus in case.

A Death Knight comes to report that the protagonist and his allies have returned to Nazarick and are on the 1st Floor. The Overlord thinking that those who were outside Nazarick at the time of this phenomenon, believes they may not be affected. Momonga decides to go back to the 1st Floor to welcome the protagonist with Shiro, and tells Shalltear to resume her patrol duties.[4]

On the 1st Floor Momonga greets the protagonist, Slimeko and Solution Epsilon. Momonga nearly loses composure when Slimeko and the orthers wishes him a Happy New Year as it shatters his belief that the New Year phenomena is the only endemic to the tomb. The protagonist explains that not to be the case as it seems only that the strange New Year's mood was settling only in Nazarick. The homunculus further details that his party passed by the Pleiades and Cocytus who wished them a "Happy New Year". In addition the protagonist confesses that he was already aware of the New Year holiday due to his reading in Ashurbanipal. Still he also finds it to be odd that others in Nazarick know about it as well. However he and his group played along until they could get what was going on in Nazarick. His shrewd thinking seems reasonably as Momonga admits that Nazarick is now in a state of emergency due to this phenomena where the entire staff of Nazarick has some kind of mental effect. As a result, everyone seems to be in a state close to "New Year's mood". Momonga asks about Cocytus and his party and their location. Solution reports that the Pleiades and the Floor Guardian mentioned that they were heading to the Hatsumōde and had invited her to come. But seeing that they were behaving differently caution Solution to remain with her team. Momonga then asks if there is anything else that needs to be address, All three undercover adventurers point out Shiro as he is unknown to them. Shiro then take the opportunity to introduce himself and his reasons for collaborating with Momonga for the time being.

Momonga then stress that the situation and the cause must be addressed immediately as if it's not dealt with, it will be a crisis to Nazarick's survival. It looks fortunate that the mental effect did not affect those who were outside, meaning that Sebas Tian would be the same. Thus he took precautions to order Sebas Tina to return at once to the dungeon. The party, who was told by Sebas, via [Message] reported that he was at the outskirts of Nazarick. But when they came to welcome him on the surface of the tomb, they were met with a horde of Mochi Type Beasts. The group is forced to fight, during which Momonga takes the opportunity to watch Shiro battle noting that he is stronger than a human of this world. The mochi monsters soon begin to gang up on Shiro but he is saved by the intervention of Sebas Tina who annihilates the monsters in aninstant.

Thankful he is present, Momonga asks the butler if he knows anything about the "New Year" situation. So far the butler states that all he knows is that a long time ago, the Supreme Beings talked about "New Year" as "once a year" and "sleeping", so he assumed it was a kind of hibernation necessary for their races. Of course that is not the case, but heresy from Momonga's friend Herohero would used to sleep for three consecutive days on his New Year's holiday. Momonga informs Sebas that the New Year is actually a involves holiday, to celebrate the New Year.

Sebas has a report that he wishes to make, as it seems like the mochi monsters that they fought are now appearing outside the outskirts of Nazarick. This brings a shock to Momonga that the New Year epidemic is spreading outside Nazarick. Sebas Tian replies that he was forced to cull the monsters to prevent them from exposing Nazarick's location, but if the situation is not brought under control, it could be a serious problem if outsiders take notice. In addition he also acquired a strange scroll he claimed after defeating a mochi monster. Taking a look, Momonga sees it to be a Japanese scroll. When he tries to use his appraisal magic he gets no concrete information. Hoping Shiro might have better luck, he gives the scroll to him. Upon accepting the item, Shiro receives a flashback of the battle between Shiramochi-ō and Momonga. When he comes back to his senses, Momonga asks Shiro if everything is alright. Instead the boy states that he needs to go somewhere, and points to the Central Mausoleum, but he directs them to a path that leads to the Fake Nazarick. There the group discover the Hatsumōde. Sebas offers to scout ahead in advance, but Momonga declines preferring to use his summons to explore it before heading into the tori himself with his allies.[5]

On the other side of the tori, the interior of Fake Nazarick has been radically altered to a hazy golden misty world. Momonga seriously doubts this to be the world of the NPCs that were mentally influenced by the New Year mood. This points out to be the work of some unknown enemy. Faced with an unknown phenomenon, in an unknown area Momonga cautions they they should move with all possibilities in mind. To strengthen their forces, Momonga summons several skeletons to act as escorts. The advance reconnaissance is left to Solution Epsilon, who is allowed to use the undead unit as a shield and return immediately to report. Turning to Shiro, Momonga asks the boy to lead them where he feels like he needs to go. While Momonga knows it to be dangerous to be guided by an unknown person, with no other clues they are only left with Shiro. Sebas Tian assigns him not only to guard Shiro, but also to monitor the boy's actions in the duration of this quest.

The group comes across a cloud of miasma, from which emerges Shadows, proving that the area they are traveling in is asscoaied with a Chaos Zone. Momonga busying musig on the posibilities of the Crack and their mechanics, Shiro makes a suggestion that they deal with these new enemies immediately. After eliminating all the Shadows blocking the way, Solution Epsilon headed with the advance reconnaissance, and after a little while she returns. It seems that they are not alone in thsi strange space as Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore are here too. They are seen playing hanetsuki with paddles and passing a hane between them. In one match Aura scores a point having bested Mare and demands Mare to accept the penalty of having his face drawn on. The two eventually take notice of Momonga, who they wish a "Happy New Year". Momonga accepts their good wishes and asks the two what they are doing in the area, which they state are enjoying New Year's with games, fun and calligraphy. While the influence of the mental effect is an ongoing problem for Nazarick, Momonga feels at peace watching the two eleves act like children.

The dark elves seeing Momonga's companions also greet the others with glee. Solution asks where the twins received the kimonos they are where, which the elves state they were prepared by the Homunculus Maids. The protagonist notices that Aura and Mare are not using honorifics when addressing the others, for which Aura states she has no idea why that is. Momonga directs their attention to Shior and asks if they know who he is. The elves sadly do not know anything about Shiro. The Overlord presses further asking why they seem so comfortable in allowing a stranger to be near him. They respond that it to be fine since it's New Year's, and yet question why they themselves think so. Furthermore the two appear to be unaware that they are in Fake Nazarick but believe they are in proper Nazarick on the 6th Floor. Momonga decides to end his questioning to prevent them from stressing against the mental control they are under. Shiro makes a noise that draws Momonga's attention. At first Shiro is unwilling to make it clear, which draws ire from Aura who demands Shiro to answer Momonga. It is finally coaxed out that Shiro wishes to play with the dark elves and experience what New Year is. He is a bit embarrassed on acting like a child, but the elves don't mind and offer to let him play a match with them if Momonga allows it. Momonga has no objections, that and probably Shiro is deeply involved in this incident. Thus if Shiro's wishes are fulfilled, some new information may be obtained. In the meantime, Momonga orders Sebas Tian and Solution Epsilon to continue to investigate the surrounding area. Aura then begins a match of hanetsuki with Shiro, warning him that she will doodle on his face if he loses.

Shiro and Aura are evenly matched, passing the hane between the blows of their paddles. To the eyes of the protagonist, Aura is superior in quickness and power of her hits, but Momonga sees that Shiro is more craftier, as he bargains his strength for accuracy. Shiro is better at the "hanetsuki" and Momonga wonders if he is an experienced player. Mare apologizes for getting dropped out of the game, but Momonga states that there is nothing to apologize as he was up against such a gifted player like Shiro. The match is about to get settled, as Shiro makes a strike towards Aura, making her missing the hane and thus causing her to lose the match. Despite having lost, Aura says it was fun. The game now ended, Momonga thinks that it is time to move on from the area. Aura and Mare though have something to give Shiro, since he won a match. They then present a fishing rod and cane to which they have no idea where they originally received them. Momonga tries to use his appraisal magic but is unable to find anything concrete. Shiro accepts the items, and his eyes glaze upon touching them. Shiro snapping from his trance states that he knows where to go. From where he points to there is nothing there, as both Sebas Tian and Solution agree they were unable to find anything in the surrounding area. Nonetheless Momonga follows Shiro's vision and the group bids their farewell to Aura and Mare. The twins says their goodbyes and hope to have a rematch with Shiro.[6]

The party goes on, occassionally dealing with Shadows that block their way when they run into the Pleiades. Yuri Alpha at their head greets Momonga's party. Seeing them here, Momonga asks the maids' their purpose in Fake Nazarick. Yuri states that she came after being offered an invitation from her sister to visit a shrine. They maids however are unable to determine that they are in Fake Nazarick. Yuri however notices Shiro and asks who he is. Momonga sees that Yuri is least affected by the mental influence due to her status as an undead. And reasons that perhaps due to him being a 100 level undead player the mental control has not influenced him. Once the introductions are over, Momonga asks if the Pleiades could guide them to the shrine they are heading to. The Pleiades are willing but at present can't. Their abrupt refusal angers Solution as they are denying the Supreme One, but is calmed by Sebas Tian who believes their denial is a result of the effect of "New Year". When they are asked by they deny Momonga's request, Narberal Gamma answers that they were under an unfamiliar and strong urge to follow the proposal of "that person" to keep the Supreme Being from proceeding.

It was origianlly to believed to be Cocytus, but to a voice in the mist tells Momonga otherwise. Pandora's Actor appears revealing that it was he. The Area Guardian of the Treasury explains that he left his area when Albedo came to pick up the additional mandarin oranges. He decided to leave for a while and say hello to his creator. Momonga checking back with the Death Knight he left behind to monitor Albedo and Demiurge's location, has the story check out. Pandora's Actor following his intuition brought him to Fake Nazarick. Momonga guess Pandora' Actor's intuition to be the work of the New Year's effect. Now that his creation is present, Momonga asks what needs to be done to be allowed to pass. Pandora's Actor though wishes to have a New Year's gift. Previously having heard from Momonga state that the beings in Nazarick are the "children" of the Supreme People the Area Guardian wishes to accept a present from him. The request causes Momonga to suffer a burst of emotion, before he calms down to state that he wasn't adverse to the idea. However Pandora's Actor, for some reason in his soul he wishes to compete for his creator's gifts in a game. Shiro interested wishes to participate, and the Area Guardian unveils a card game version of karuta based on the motif of the Supreme Beings. The maids also add magic items for automatic reading to complement the game. The game is split into two teams of six individuals each. Though Momonga believes a few of the players such as Slimeko and Shiro might be disadvantaged, the game begins before his protest is heard.

The automatic card reader voices descriptions of each of the Supreme Beings, and are called out by the players of both teams. So far each individual responds to each of their creator's description. Momonga who had doubts of this game finds it to be more fun than he expected. Shiro is enjoying the game, and thanks to the help of Momonga was able to get an understanding of the traits of the Supreme Beings. Plus after listening to Momonga stories about them, it honestly, makes him feel happy and is impressed on how many good memories of them among their creations. Shiro doesn't know why, perhaps that he lacks a similar attachment, but feels envious of them. Momonga is interested in that tidbit of information. Shiro seeing that he killed the mood apologizes for the comment, Momonga tells him not to worry and allows him to return back to the game.

The card description is "eroge" and Shiro answers it to be Peroroncino. And after Sebas Tian answers the final card description as Touch Me, the game goes into Momonga's party's favor. Though Pandora's Actor's team lost, its members are happy about playing and calling each of their creators names during the kurata game. As proof of Momonga's victory, Pandora's Actor and Yuri Alpha gifts him a treasure bag and mallet. With these items, Momonga and his party will be allowed to pass. Momonga as a show of his appreciation for the New Year, gifts all the players of the kurata game with a YGGDRASIL coin. Unsure if the memory of this New Year event will remain, Momonga wants this coin to act as a souvenir. Pandora's Actor is thrilled at the coin, promising to place it in a special place in the Treasury in honor of his "father".[7]

As the group continues following Shiro through the mists, Slimeko asks Shiro if he has anything on his mind as he has been acting strange since he touched the previous two items. The boy tells her that he is fine, but Momonga in unconvince. He speaks in a private council with the protagonist and asks if the latter has any idea on what the six items they gathered are and how they might be related to the New Year. From the homunculus's recollections of his books, he hypothesizes that they might be related to the Seven Lucky Gods, a group of deities associated with bringing good fortune. So far the items they have collected are each associated with one of the seven. As they now possess six, Sebas Tian believes that only one remains somewhere in this world. Momonga believes the situation is like come kind of event, or at least a semi-compulsory competition. Where people can only move forward by collecting dropped items in order to win the competition. The roles that the previous people they encounter match to what Momonga knows so far about events. Shiro calls out to everyone for their attention as the last item they need is before them and cautions they to be careful as enemies may spring up along the way.[8]

Before them is a shrine, and just as Sebas Tian and Solution ready themselves to do some recon, Shiro tells them that it will to be necessary, as there is only one gatekeeper present. Leading them on, they meet the gatekeeper who to the surprise of Momong and the others is none other than Cocytus. The Floor Guardian humbly greets his master Momonga, but refuses the Overlord passage to the shrine as he has been entrusted to protect the Takemikazuchi Shrine. At this point Shiro correct his stating that it is no longer that but the name is the Bishamonten Shrine, named after one of the Seven Lucky Gods. He mentions that Cocytus was designated as its protector as the former was a samurai like Cocytus. Additionally the protagonist realizes a connection as one of Cocytus's signature attacks is also related to Bishamonten. Shiro replies that the connection is part of the event story. He then turns to Momonga and tell shim that they should expedite the inevitable battle, as he deduces Momonga knows “what” this place is given the previous situation. Agreeing that there should be no delay, Momonga accepts to battle Cocytus and see how much he has grown. At the end Cocytus is defeat and he awards the group a sansageki. Shiro touches the weapon and after awhile announces that they have completed the conditions and asks them to follow him. Before leaving Cocytus humbly begs for forgiveness for denying Momonga initial entry as he cannot explain why he would not do so. The fault is not with Cocytus but due to the effect of the "incident" and Momonga tells Cocytus not to blame himself. After the battle with the gatekeeper was finished in a hurry, and Momonga's group followed Shiro.——[9]

Shiro takes the opportunity to explain the origin of the shrine as a product of the Seven Lucky Gods. In that as the beginning of the year approaches, people celebrate, pray for a good harvest, and the gods listen the aspirations of the people to fulfill their wishes. This shrine here is suppose to be a place where wishes come to life. So far only the nature of "Bishamonten" is now expressed at the shrine. Last time when the shrine emerged there was an issue with its existence, in order to stabilize it had to use the influence of one of the existing gods to manifest. Of course everything he told them is just the flavor for the event ad drops a subtle hint that only Momonga can understand what this is. The boy informs Momonga that he has all the seven items related to the Seven Lucky Gods. The only one not in his possession now is the biwa which Momonga is keeping for insurance. In order to move ahead in the event Shiro would need Momonga to relinquish the item to him. Momonga accepts that but for the time being he wishes to keep it until he can check on the last stage of the event which is in the back of the shrine. This is acceptable to Shiro as it will not matter in the end. While the others are confused at the dialogue between the stranger and their master, they obey Momonga to continue on.

The group then arrive at the empty replica of the 10th Floor Throne Room. Momonga seeing devoid of enemies asks if this is a dead end. Momonga now beginning to understand the who experience was a season "New Year's event" believes that this area is the last stage, but the "boss" is no where to be seen. In order to end the event a boss needs to be defeated. Taking out the biwa he gives it to Shiro, who he calls the last boss. Shiro accepting it brings out the other items of the Seven Lucky Gods. One by one the items are absorbed into Shiro's body and soon a white light radiates from his body and miasma spills out into the room. As the light passes away a figure, wielding a bamboo sword, announces that the Seven Lucky Gods were once humans but were elevated to godhood by the mortals. In exchange for their lives, every new year the gods were tasked with fulfilling the wishes of their worshippers. But such was a role that the gods never wanted and naturally the mortals refused to acknowledge the wishes of the gods. When the new year came, the gods wanting to fulfill their own wishes created a solution, him. Shiro reveals his true name as Shiramochi-ō the Ruler of New Year, who's goal is to fulfil the gods' wishes. To appear at the beginning of the year and purify all the old. He is both a blessing and a curse the New Year in the future.[10]

The party is in shock by the revelation. Momonga still has questions as to whether or not Shiramochi-ō is from this world. Shiramochi-ō tells the Overlord that he is half correct, admitting that the gods who created him were probably from a book originating from a different world. He though is derived from such a work, which he calls merely as data that originally exists in a place called the Sea of Possibilities. The information of the desire and praise of the gods, would not have been originally possible and yet due to a mistake he came into being and took shape. However it appears that there was an issue as in order to manifest into the world it required him to attached "New Year" data as a part of him. In addition in order to exist he had to develop an area under "event"-like rules. Curious as to why an event boss was so chatty on such privileged information, Momonga is answered by Shiramochi-ō that the latter was doing so because of his personality. In short, this New Year's incident will continue as long as Shiramochi-ō exist. If Momonga wants to solve the incident, he has no choice but to beat him. Though the two have become enemies, Shiramochi-ō thanks Momonga as he was able to regain his power that had been scattered. To demonstrate he summons several mochi and kadomatsu monsters.

Momonga enages in a duel with the Ruler of New Year casting several spells that pushe sthe boss back. However Momonga feels that something is strange as it seems all too easy despite the bravado from his opponent. Calling out to Shiramochi-ō he demands to know what he is trying to pull as Momonga can tell that the boy is not fighting seriously, almost as if he wants to be defeated. When Shiramochi-ō refuses to answer, Momonga tells the boy what he thinks. Recalling what Shiramochi-ō said to him, emphasizing the "previous time", the Overlord deduces that Shiramochi-ō did not mean it as a bluff but in fact the fight between him and Shiramochi-ō occurred before and is now happening again. This draws confusion from Momonga's allies. which Momonga elaborates, that it was a simple story Shiramochi-ō is a person who fought against him last time and lost. He lost but somehow managed to either rewound time or having not completely been completely defeated managed to moved from a world similar to the previous world. And now, for some reason, Shiramochi-ō is trying to lose to him.

However, if Momonga were to defeated Shiramochi-ō by the accumulation of physical damage like last time, it would repeat with the same defeat. Therefore, Shiramochi-ō wants to make Momonga use instant death magic. To prove this Momonga notes that Shiramochi-ō has been intentionally avoiding giving fatal injuries and support magic while fighting against him. Shiramochi-ō is impressed that Momonga managed to piece everything so well together. Momonga demands to know why the duplicity at the beginning. Shiramochi-ō admits with a heacy heart that unlike before currently this time around in his encounter with Nazarick was different. Last time, Shiramochi-ō's existence was unstable, so he didn't have any consciousness or personality. But when he was born anew in this new reality his power was scattered. He didn't remember who he was, and later after he began to recall his past, he also remembered the grudges of the gods who gave birth to him. Though he admits he has taken a liking towards a creator like Momonga in this world. After having spent time with Momonga and his friends, playing New Year games with them and learning about their love towards their creators Shiramochi-ō had developed genuine feelings for them. His lack of motive to actually fight was to free Nazarick of the incident he caused, rather than to dispel the grudges of his uncaring creators. Momonga sees that Shiramochi-ō wishes to be quietly killed so that a repetition of the event would not happen again. While it's a great choice for Nazarick, something about it does not still well with Momonga. Momonga understands Shiramochi-ō wishes, as he is the Ruler of the New Year, but Momonga is the Ruler of Death and while he can't guarantee that he can avoid repeating the loop, he will complete Shiramochi-ō's wish. Shiramochi-ō thanks him for his candor. That being said Momonga ends the fight and offers to postpone Shiramochi-ō's death for the moment to allow him to play one last hantesuki game with Aura and Mare as he promised them. Shiramochi-ō shocked by the offer, accepts it as it would be nice to play one last game as it is New Year.[11]


Later Shiramochi-ō and Aura seen squaring off against each other in an intense game of hanetsuki. After the game is done Shiramochi-ō thanks the elves for allowing him to enjoy the last moments of his life. Ever since Shiramochi-ō first regained his memory of what he was like he admits that never thought that his own wish would be fulfilled. Now ready to accept a gift that was refused by his creators, Shiramochi-ō surrounded by the NPCs that he encountered, tells them that he is indebted to them. Momonga then casts [The Goal Of All Life Is Death] upon Shiramochi-ō. As the countdown of the spell begins to twelve seconds, Shiramochi-ō has one final thing to say to Momonga: "Wish you a good year".

The Ruler of New Year, then vanishes to nothing as the spell completes, killing him. In a flash of white light, the Throne Room in Fake Nazarick is restored to its original appearance. Momonga wishing to check that everything has been normalized asks the dark elf twins if they notice anything different. Aura and Mare are confused on their current location as they only remember being on the 6th Floor and not Fake Nazarick. As Momonga suspected the memories of the recent events have vanished among the affected NPCs. There is something shiny gleaming from the floor where Shiramochi-ō was, which causes Momonga to pick it up. Not all the memories of what happen are gone, as Aura and Mare vaguely remember playing with a boy named Shiro before they saw him off. Glad that something still remains, Momonga then calls Pandora's Actor over, who like the twins is confused on his surroundings. Momonga promises to explain what just happened, but for the time being he asks Pandora's Actor to keep a certain object safe in the Treasury. Momonga passes a YGGDRASIL coin to the Area Guardian who is puzzled on its importance as it is just a regular gold coin. Even so Momonga wants Pandora's Actor to keep it safe in the Treasury and perhaps one day——there may be an unexpected New Year.[12]