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The 12th Seat of the Black Scripture is revered as "Tenjho Tenge."


A middle-aged man that wore a red, skin-tight bodysuit that were reinforced with metal plating all over his body, and his forearms and shins are bandaged.


He appears to be secretive as he conceal himself while his teammates negotiate with Blue Rose, and is very unforthcoming with their nation’s secrets as he unmask his presence to silence the 11th Seat before she can divulge more than she’s allowed to.



The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

He and the Black Scripture encountered a powerful vampire and tried to capture it but failed. Two of its members got killed while Kaire received a critical injury. The Captain of the Black Scripture ordered him and the other members to retreat and leave it alone.[1]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

He accompanied his fellow Black Scripture teammates to the Re-Estize Kingdom during the height of its losing war against the Sorcerer Kingdom with the objective of recruiting and saving as many of the Kingdom's most talented adventurers as possible by inviting them into migrating to the Theocracy for their own safety.

The 12th Seat in particular accompanied three other of his teammates in negotiating with the Kingdom's two adamantite adventurer teams; Blue Roses and Red Drop's leader Azuth Aindra to join the Slane Theocracy. He mostly kept his presence hidden for a brief period during the meeting between fellow members of Black Scripture and adventurers of Blue Roses and Red Drop while they were discussing. The adventurers did not in anyways notice his presence among them until he decided to reveal himself openly much to their surprise when needing to cover up his colleague, the 11th Seat's response to Azuth's question. Feeling caught off-guarded by the sudden appearance of another member of Black Scripture who was listening into their conversation, it made Tia and Tina realize that he is a much better and stronger assassin than the both of them.

After the adventurers refused the Theocracy's offer to escape to their nation, he nearly lost his composure when Azuth mentioned Rufus and it causes him to feel malice towards the adventurers. However, before he continues showing any further hostility, the assassin was restrained by one of his companions to stop what they are doing as the 5th Seat believes that what Azuth said was a bluff. He told the rest of his fellow Black Scripture members to peacefully leave the inn as they are through here.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

The 12th Seat is an assassin whose stealth capabilities surpasses Tia’s and Tina’s, both adamantite-rank assassins in their own right. He could enter a room full of adamantite-rank adventurers (unbeknownst to most, includes a centuries-old vampire) without being noticed, using some kind of technique to completely hide his presence.


Tina & Tia[]

When he choose to reveal himself during the meeting between the Black Scripture,Blue Roses, and Red Drop's Leader, the two became very wary of him after realizing that he was a far superior assassin to them.

11th Seat of the Black Scripture[]

The man seems to take great care to make sure she doesn't disclose confidential information. Even breaking his invisibility to cover her mouth during an important meeting with adventurers of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

Quaiesse Hazeia Quintia[]

The 12th seat is shown to possess a positive work relationship with his fellow Black Scripture teammates, Quaiesse to follow his orders and commands when he is placed as field leader during missions. As seen where he was able to exert proper control of himself and follow his orders to back down when he was ordered by Quaiesse despite Azuth Aindra's insults towards their superior and Patron God.


  • In the Web Novel, when estimating in terms of simple strength, the 12th Seat was among the Black Scripture members to be mentioned by Nigun.



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