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The 11th Seat of the Black Scripture is a member of the Slane Theocracy's strongest combat unit and is one of the strongest humans within the continent and whose power is ranked as hero level by the standards of the New World.


A woman with long blue hair tied with a braid and riding on a crystal. She has an open appearance enough to see her underwear. Her clothes were also described to appear as loose and sagging. She wears an abnormally large hat that hides most of her face.


She was described to be a listless woman in nature and does not like the idea of taking responsibility for herself while finding it annoying to shoulder. She hates taking the blame if everything goes wrong with the orders, hence, it was very acceptable of having others take responsibility over her and her mistakes. She was the kind of woman who would rather listen to and quietly follow orders given to her by the higher-ups without resistance. On the other hand, she apparently appears to be viewed by others who met her the first time as a tired woman.

In public, she walked, in a way which made onlookers believe that she did not want to walk at all or continue doing so. She can easily be annoyed by whatever questions Azuth were asking of her and her colleagues. Although she may act rude around some people like Azuth, she was ready to back off the moment her leader decides to step in and stop her from embarrassing their group any further while they are supposed to be doing their duty. She also agrees with how Azuth thinks of her as someone whose own thought process is annoying.

Similarly to her teammates, the 11th seat is shown to possess little to no hesitation in killing either Demi-Human, Heteromorphs, and even Human Beings if given the order to so. As seen where she nonchalantly asked Quaiesse if she should slaughter the entirety of Blue Roses and Azuth Aindra upon hearing of him possibly having vital information on the Slane Theocracy. She is not the least bit afraid or hesitant of unleashing her killing intent at anyone who disrespects their superior.


She seems to be an irresponsible person in her life, leaving everything to the higher-ups and following through with everything they said without question. The 11th Seat was even often praised by the higher-ups for how obedient she was to their orders.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

She, along with the Black Scripture encountered a powerful vampire and tried to capture it but failed. Two of the Scripture’s members were killed, while Kaire received a critical injury. The Captain of the Black Scripture ordered her and the other members to retreat and leave it alone.[1]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

As per the orders of her superiors, the 11th Seat accompanied her fellow Black Scripture teammates to the Re-Estize Kingdom during the height of its losing war against the Sorcerer Kingdom in order to recruit and save as many of the Kingdom's most talented adventurers as possibly by inviting them into joining and migrating into the Theocracy for their own safety in order to increase their overall military power and increase the potential of their future descendants.

The 11th Seat in particular accompanied three other of her teammates in negotiating with the Kingdom's two Adamantite Adventurer Teams; Blue Roses and Red Drop's leader Azuth Aindra to join the Slane Theocracy. She sarcastically greeted Azuth with a mocking tone, but only to which the latter counters it with his own much to her frustration. However, when her colleague Quaiesse Hazeia Quintia steps in to stop the two from arguing any further, she simply give up the thought of provoking the Red Drop adventurer any further. Instead, she has decided to listen to his order as given since he is currently her leader for this kind of operation.

When Azuth asked which country they hailed from, she was about to give them a complete response but only to be stopped by her colleague the 12th Seat who locked her mouth shut with his hands. After Azuth demands personal opinions from members of the Black Scripture, she said it is much simpler for them to oblige by the higher-up's orders and follow it through without question. She reasons that any order given to her by her superior will be shouldered by them rather than her which she felt happy to have to do while receiving their praise.[2]

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Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

The 11th Seat was stationed with the Black Scripture in a camp of the Theocracy whilst the armies of the Tripartite Alliance fought against the Chaos Beasts outside the Alliance's capital. She and her comrades took no action when the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth terrorized E-Rantel. Only when the demon and his minions were driven off did his team move out to pursue.[3] The Black Scripture followed the fleeing demon's trail into the Katze Plains where they lost him in the fog. Having lost their quarry, the 11th Seat was among those that wanted to retreat and relocate to the Northern Cave where the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute was setting up believing that they could be of more use there.

However the captain ordered his comrades to remain where they were to continue their search in the plains. After some time of scouring the plains, and killing undead in boredom, the group were about to give up when they encountered a lone wolf that seemingly appeared in the no man's land. The captain determined that the wolf was a familiar and attacked it, causing more summons to emerge from the fog in retaliation. The Scripture fought against the enemy and eventually drew out the summoner Shalltear into the open.

She survived her encounter with Shalltear and later fled with the Scripture from the plains. After they found a safe location, she attended to the wounds of Kaire but found her magic was ineffective due to the curse on the wounds. The woman accepted the order by the captain to return to the homeland.[4]

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Abilities and Powers[]

According to members of Blue Roses, they see the 11th Seat as stronger than each of them individually in strength.


  • Fireball: A 3rd tier spell that allows her to summon forth a large fireball that is used for long-ranged attacks on an enemy.[5]


Quaiesse Hazeia Quintia[]

She appears to have a close, cordial relationship with the 5th Seat. She was ready to listen to his order the moment he intervenes in a bad conversation with the leader of Red Drop.

10th Seat of the Black Scripture[]

Her colleague, the 10th Seat was mindful of her behavior, reminding and whispering to her that no one in their meeting with the adamantite adventurers were complimenting her for what she does to be a good job.

12th Seat of the Black Scripture[]

Whenever the 11th Seat said something almost out of line, it was the duty of her colleague, the 12th Seat to stop her from speaking any further that may disclose information about the origin of their group. Her colleague was quick on the uptake to prevent what she said even if it mean he was to end up revealing his own presence in the process.


  • In the Web Novel, she specializes in detection magic, being able to see through illusions and accurately judge an opponent's strength. She was also attending the victory ball in Arwintar trying to estimate Ainz's strength but failed as he was shielded. She did get a hint of the power of the Pleiades and Shalltear though.
  • In the Web Novel, the 11th seat was classified as a male.[6]


  • (To Azuth Aindra): "To bring whores along, how impressive, old man. This is not a love hotel though~"
  • (To Quaiesse Hazeia Quintia): "Quie-chan... sigh, Quie-chan is the lead this time so I'll just listen to you."
  • (To Azuth): "It doesn't matter which country we're from. It's all usele—"
  • (To Azuth): "What a bore — Aren't things much simpler if we just followed our superiors' order?"
  • (To Azuth): ''That’s about right. As long as I carry out my orders, the responsibility for them will always fall on my superiors. It’s too annoying to have to shoulder responsibilities myself, so I don’t bother with it. I’m pretty good at shifting responsibilities onto others, I’ve even received praise for it~"
  • (To Quaiesse about Azuth and members of Blue Roses): "Quai-chan. What’s wrong? Are we not killing them?"


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