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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

(Part 2) Underground-Tomb-IDOL P ((後編) 地下-大墳墓-IDOL P) was a event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on April 23, 2021 to May 6, 2021.


AAs an idol unit, LittleMass Aura and Shalltear give comfort to general maids. The girls who finished the first live safely with the enthusiasm of the fans and together, they ran up to the height of excitement.-[1]

Purpose of Event[]

After Aura Bella Fiora and Shalltear Bloodfallen performed for the pleasure of the general maids, as the idol unit LittleMass as Acidity and Alkaline, their first live shows brought a rush of excitement and enthusiasm among their fans. Having retired to the Guest Room, the two idols finish signing the number of autographs prepared for their fans. While Acidity has one of her Vampire Brides check her work, Sebas Tian who is attending them, thanks them for all their hard work in creating the autographs for the maids. Alkaline replies its nothing, though asks why they cannot place both their signatures on the same paper. Acidity explains to her partner that Demiurge told them the pieces of papers are tickets for the fans for the second campaign of the idol show, so one ticket per person and likewise one signature on a ticket. Still to Alkaline it seems a bit unfair, which Sebas Tian states that its intentional as the planners for the idol show want to see how the maids react to limited-edition goods. The butler on that note, asks Slimeko how Pestonya Shortcake Wanko feels about this arrangement. According to the slime the Head Maid agreed that the merchandise would be a good stimulus for them assuring Sebas Tian who leaves the distribution to the protagonist.

Alkaline though wonders if it would be more fun if the goods were slightly different to add some competition. Acidity getting an idea then begins drawing illustrations on the autograph cards and teases her partner to see who can win the maids with their unique autographs. Slimeko watching the two bicker asks Sebas Tian if this is a manifestation of gambling. Sebas Tian though sees it as a good stimulus for their vitality.

In Momonga's office, the Overlord was starting to worry about the idol plan permeating among the general maids and how it might affect them. Thus he personally interviewed one of the maids, Cixous, to hear her input on the entertainment. The maid gives nothing but praise for Acidity and Alkaline the center of the maids' talks. Momonga is pleased to hear it and asks her not to hold anything back. The maid doesn't even going to compliment Demi P enthusiasm, the live battle against of the Chaos Beasts, and the handshake event fro LittleMass. This makes Momonga relieved as he was worried that it would be a big disappointment considering the danger, but now sees that Demiurge's urging was worth it. Having heard enough from her Momonga thanks her for her time and allows her to rest from her daily work. Cixous mentions that a handshake event is happening now at Spa Resort Nazarick.

At the resort, Slimeko and Sebas Tian welcome the general maids to the handshake event for LittleMass, giving out towels that will be signed by the idols. Foire is first on the line and has her towel signed by Alkaline and Acidity. She asks if it is okay if she can get another towel signed for Cixous as she is unable to come to the event. The protagonist and Demi P apologize that would not be allowed as the commemorative goods are for visitors to the events that will be held at special times. Though Foire is disappointed that she cannot acquire a specialty item for her friend, she enjoys the autographed towel illustrated by the idols. The protagonist watching the line of maids receive their gifts, notes that they his and Demiurge's plan have followed the literature on idols, hence why they selected the use of recreational facilities such as the spa resort to increase their spirits.

Demi P believes the test plan for the special circumstances of idolatry is going well, which the protagonist agrees convince that the nurturing admiration for beings like the idols could be used in E-Rantel and would definitely like to consider introducing jet-black warrior goods. However the homunculus feels that some concerns have also come to light. Slimeko and the Floor Guardians are curious and asks what does he mean by concerns? To start, the protagonist states that they have not encountered any issues because the general maids are well-mannered. As much as he hate to say itthe maids are too well behaved unlike the residents of E-Rantel.

Slimeko sees his point, as in a real world setting hosting an event like this would have have such ideal standards as the idol plan in Nazarick. But what could be done to adjust the aspect. Demi P suggests that it would not be difficult to give the illusion of some disorder, and convince the maids to forget their manners. Before that the protagonist advises the producer that the second campaign for the plan is about to start. The onset of the next phase of the plan makes Demi P grow eager, to connect with the fans and idols in a illusionary atmosphere.[2]

In quiet confines of Momonga's office, the Master of Nazarick receives word that the second campaign for LittleMass is about to begin. Albedo at his side is rather surprised how far the idol plan has come, going beyond her expectations as she didn't think it would get her master's permission when it was proposed. Momonga's reason for authorizing the event was to raise his subjects morale using the live performances. The only issues in planning were the security. In the discussion on countermeasures, Albedo reports that LittleMass has been energetically engaged in activities for their fans, such as handshake events at each floor.

Momonga turns to the other guest in the room Foire who tells him of her wonderful experience at the handshake event, being able to be in the presence of the idols Acidity and Alkaline and leaving feeling refreshed. The love and praise on the event, makes Albedo feel proud of the stuff animals she provided in making the commemorative goods.

Glad to hear the maid's positive review, Momonga hopes she can continue to work to support LittleMass. The maid promises telling the undead to leave it to her and her colleagues. To help them in the endeavor of being fans to their idols, after the first live show the maids borrowed books and learned the manners of fans which Foire comments they will commit to practice at the upcoming event.

In LittleMass's waiting room, the preparations for the second drive is already in place, and the room is filled with calm static lines and heat. Demiurge announces to his idols that the first live shows was an outdoor stage, this time though he expects it to be a disproportionately luxurious live performance. The two idols, Acidity and Alkaline are eager to begin their show, much to the pleasure of Slimeko and the protagonist who see the two Floor Guardians have grown into their roles.

Not just the Floor Guardians but it also seems that the general maids are also grasping how to enjoy performing idols. Acidity brings up the topic of who gave out more autographs, making Alkaline indignant as her was mostly left over. The protagonist assures them that the maids did not choose by preference and were mainly focused on lining up for the signatures with the two people who were very important to them. Slimeko comments that the idols' fans were "DD" and "Hako-oshi". The terms draw a blank to Alkaline, which causes the protagonist to explain that there are terms according to a book he read to describe the fans support all of the members of a group equally and don't have a favorite. Still to Demiurge it would have been more interesting if the maids voted as it would be valuable data. Now that the fans think that LittleMass is fantastic because the pair, he asks if they are ready to respond to that feeling. The idols respond with a confirmation ready to start their new show and fight against the Chaos Beasts.

The venue takes place in the ruined Throne Room. Demiurge examines the Crack and observes that the blinking rate is fast, indicating that Chaos Beasts will soon emerge. The idols are ready to start their fight with their foes as the light from the Crack explodes and the Chaos Beasts come forth. Seeing no signs of abnormal in the Crack, the protagonist declares it to be safe, allowing Demiurge to start the LittleMass's second drive before a crowd as the two idols square off against the invaders from the Crack.

Amidst the cheering maids, Sebas Tian and Pestonya watch, with the butler noticing that the maids are holding various objects in the air while shouting. Pestonya elaborates that they are uchiwas that maids pasted the kanji of the idols on stage. Normally used in prayers the items were part of the yukata consumes but have since been reused for this event.

After the show ended, Acidity and Alkaline are back in their waiting room taking a break as the protagonist and Slimeko informs them of their performance on stage. The protagonist for one believes that they have achieved synergy with the fans or "calling and responding" where the audience and idols respond to each other in a live event, as stated in the literature. Demiurge also praises the female Floor Guardians for their achievement, Acidity and Alkaline though welcome the positive comments, find Demiurge a bit creepy when he lauds them and the two ask if he has something planed that he is not telling them. Demiurge confesses about his thoughts in that the activity of LittleMass is a test for the idol project for humans in E-Rantel. While they have the voluntary support of the maids, it's too well-behaved to be used as a reference for human behavior. In E-Rantel where the resident have been weakened after the invasion by the Chaos Beasts and Jaldabaoth's army causing them to lose hope and be jaded. If an idol appears in the city, their feelings will be much more intense than what the maids display now and could be unpredictable. Hence Demiurge wants to increase the mood of the maids and get them to loosen up. Not only will they fulfill the parameters but help the maids relax. Raising the intensity of the idol plan is agreed by all in the room to further the cause of Nazarick.[3]

A few days after the second drive for LittleMass, on the 9th Floor the maids have flocked to the next venue for the handshake event. The women line up along the corridor as Mare Bello Fiore overseers the process the coordination of the line, He is soon joined by Cocytus who asks what is all the commotion about. The dark elf explains he is helping his sister to distribute the goods for the event after he was heading to Albedo to deliver a report. Cocytus informs Mare he cold help the bit as he just came back from the Throne Room to do a security check and so far everything is normal. Demi P arrives and soon allows the maids to come into the cantina. The sight of the cantina amazes Cocytus as he sees that the cantina is filled with maids lined up line an army with various facial expressions of bliss. At the front of the line is none other than Cixous who is getting a memento signed by Acidity and Alkaline. The idols accept the adulation from the maid as she declares that she looks forward to their next performance.

Cocytus in the crowd approaches the idols and producer calling them by their names, though the demon politely corrects his colleague to call them by their stage names, Demi P, Acidity and Alkaline. The 5th Floor Guardian expresses his astonishment of how large the idol plan has grown which Demi P calls it to be in its mature phases after experiencing two live shows, daily talks, and handshake events. Not only that their fan merchandise has diversified. Cocytus notices a small metal pin on Foire similar to a piece from a scale mail. Demiurge states to be a "commemorative badge" that was replicated using the books in the library and is given every time a fan participates in idol events. They are symbols that fans wear proudly who contribute to LittleMass. They are collected by the maids who exchange them amongst each other by bartering. This is of course all part of the collective atmosphere which the two attribute to Momonga's esteemed vision and wisdom. Demi P seeing that Mare and Cocytus are present asks if they could assist him.

The maids depart the handshake event and all the maids are talking about the sudden live show. A mock battle between the Floor Guardians and idols is all the talk and the maids present express how lucky they are to be there for such an unexpected showing. Slimeko is surprised at the news and asks the protagonist if he was aware of such a schedule. The protagonist was aware that there was something planned like a battle in the corridor in the future, though honestly did not believe it would happen so soon. Still it was a good test to implement unexpected variables into the idol plan to gauge the reactions of the maids and use them as templates for future reference. LittleMass start their performance with a dramatic flare in their impromptu stage as they face off against Cocytus and Mare.

Once the battle is done and show is over, the idols thank their male opponents for them help. Both were all to happy to help as it allowed Cocytus to polish his skills and Mare to be part of the show. They two male Floor Guardians were equally impressed by the level of coordination the idols displayed in battle and hope to continue to devote themselves as much as them. Demi P ends the show by giving the participants an encore allowing the maids to share their applause to the Mare and Cocytus.

The idols and their support staff then return to the guest room to recuperate. Slimeko herself kick back into the couch and thanks the idols for their hard work and presents them a letter from the fans. Acidity accepts having taking reading fan mail to be one of her new pleasures. Alkaline joins the vampire in basking in the limelight as celebrities. They receive an unexpected visitor who comes knocking at the door. Slimeko welcomes the Overseer Guardian to the room allowing the idols to take the opportunity to thank Albedo for their work she did in making the commemorative goods. Albedo is glad to hear the praise in her work, and is also assured that the idols are enjoying themselves, else they would have a "problem". Acidity sensing some tensions asks Albedo is anything is wrong. Albedo merely states that she has been just so happy that since Momonga has designated Aura and Shalltear as idols. That they are the right women for the roles. Not only that she mentions they have even opted out of Momonga's queen competition.

The clueless stares of the two members of LittleMass then causes Albedo to give them a twisted tidbit as idols are not allowed to have romances. Slimeko confirms that their is mention of such a description and breaking it would result in the losing of qualifications to be idol. Albedo boasts that they now are obligated to play an active role for Nazarick though questions if they dare break it. Acidity soon realizes the horror that she loses her candidacy as Momonga's queen if she continues as a idol. Alkaline seems less troubled by the idea, though would have liked to know about that stipulation before she took on the role as an idol. Albedo then asks Acidity if she will then drop out of the Queen War only to hear silence and frustration out of the vampire.

Later in the guest room, Demiurge privately meets with Albedo, Slimeko and the protagonist after the former accepted Shalltear's decision to dissolve the idol group. The 7th Floor Guardian commends Albedo for manipulating Shalltear in moving towards a dissolution, and apologies for making her into the bad guy. Albedo doesn't mind as she was not lying though she feels sorry for the general maids. As for this arranged breakup of the idols, Albedo asks Demiurge what he intends to do. Demiurge has now confirmed that the fan base for the idol group is solid. All that remains is the impact of the group coming to an end. If this can be verified, it will be a great insurance for implementing similar measures at E-Rantel.

Albedo sees that the demon is trying to increase the height of popularity of LittleMass with the news of dissolution. Though Demiurge insist his plan is as Nazarick wills. The protagonist effuses that the final leg of the live idol show will be the flower of their work with Aura and Shalltear. Slimeko is confuses as why did they not let the idols in on the charade. Albedo sees that he is counting on the two to be not emotionally set on the idea of breaking-up on LittleMass. Demiurge suspect that Shalltear is little too involved in this activity. As for Aura, Albedo is convinced that the dark elf will figure the charade through her inductive reasoning after all she know Albedo too well. All they have to do is wait until Shalltear cools down and comes back to reform the idol group. The protagonist then focuses in preparing a last finale worry of Nazarick.[4]


At Momonga's office, Albedo and Demiurge inform their master that it was the day of the final live show of LittleMass after careful planning and numerous cooperation. Momonga is eager to see the performance and hope the show will please the crowd. The protagonist though has a request that might seem unreasonable. Momonga after listening to the request permits the idea to pass after all it was the least he can do for the two who worked hard for Nazarick and he desires to leave them a good memory for everyone.

Albedo informs Momonga that Cocytus and Mare are also cooperating and has high hopes that the show will be their best. Momonga can't wait to see, and promises to direct the golem in the Amphitheater to serve as barricades and security for the crowd to ensure their safety. Cocytus asks who will be directing the security forces, which Momonga states that Sebas will be in charge. The butler present happily accepts the mantle. Momonga of course has not forgotten about the Pleiades who are assured that they will be given great seats to view the show. That said, Momonga tells the team to enjoy the performance.

At that time, in the waiting room of LittleMass the idols are preparing though Acidity seems troubled though Alkaline attributes to nervousness because of the last show. A knock is at their door, and Alkaline assumes it to be the protagonist. It's not but Mare who wanted to visit his sister and see her at work and tell her that he will be with the crowd as he too has been study books on idols from the library. He hopes the show his sister puts will be great, which leaves the female elf speechless. The two embolden by his words them aim to provide their best performance yet. Slimeko at their side reports that a [Message] from Demi P has come through telling them it is time.

The idols hurry to a the back of the Amphitheater where Demi P is waiting. They catch a brief glimpse of the audience seats and feel the passion and and excitement from them. Demi P shares a few words of encouragement with the two and also informs them that the opponents they will be dealing with will not be Chaos Beasts by a special guest and hopes they can give the audience a show they will never forget.

At the stage in the center of the Amphitheater, LittleMass make their appearance and the fans respond with a show of bright glowsticks. The two idols make their debut and say hello to the maids and Pleiades who at the front seat. Acidity and Alkaline then ask their summons, containing a Vampire Bride, a vampire bat and two wolves to be ready. On cue Demi P allows Slimeko to do a drum roll for the idols opponent in this last live show: Corpse Guardian.

Sebas Tian watching in the audience with Pestonya is utterly shocked that the Corpse Guardian would be selected by Demiurge for this event, as the summon is a being who is powerful enough to fight him and even Cocytus. Pestonya hearing that becomes worried, though Sebas Tian assures her that was before the Floor Guardians improved themselves and is confident the likes of Acidity and Alkaline can defeat the undead.

The battle proceeds and plays out as expected with the undead kneeling in defeat and LittleMass in victory. Demi P announces the conclusion of the battle and to give a warm thanks to the summon for his performance. Mare and Momonga watching the show join in the applause with the Overlord then proceeding to add his touch to the finale. Getting up from his seat, Demi P give the crowd a special visit of Momonga to them who they are thrill to have with them. Momonga leads on of the idol show to be truly wonderful, paying tribute to the skill of Acidity and Alkaline who excited and entertained so many spectators. The two women beam with smiles with the compliment. Alkaline is the first to notice something off about Momonga's staff. Momonga seeing that she has noticed presents the item to the crowd for all to see, the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown.

Foire and Cixous in the crowd are the first to realize that it is not a replica but the actual real precious Guild Weapon. Demi P silently direct Cocytus to create misty fog to heighten the atmosphere for special effect. At the same time Momonga casts a spell and summons a Primal Fire Elemental. Once finished he lauds LittleMass for their growth in exceeding his expectations and now wishes them to present their skill once again before the crowd and shine! The idols understanding what Momonga is asking declare they will do so and ready themselves to fight the elemental as the last battle. In the end Alkaline lands the killing blow on the elemental and the crowd around breaks in cheer at the spectacle. There are no words of gratitude that can be expressed as everyone saw the magnificent scene.

Later at the cantina, Foire is talking with Cixous reminiscing about LittleMass's final live performance. Though they are sad that the idol group disbanded both are really happy that the Guardians worked hard to entertain them. Both believe a repayment must be given in Nazarick service and strive to work harder.

At the Round Table, the Floor Guardians hold a meeting led by Albedo who reports that the general maids did not cause much of an uproar, though it seems that they all have great memories of the event. If anything to the event was a success thanks to the efforts of Aura and Shalltear. The two female Guardians are smug by the compliment expressing that they had a fun time as idols. They are given more praise by the other Floor Guardians who add that their work helped in the welfare of the maids and also tested the idol plan and proved it could be implemented in E-Rantel.

The plan for idolatry in E-Rantel is looked forward by the NPCs, though privately Momonga is just glad that Albedo and Demiurge have forgotten about the previous idea to build a statue of the Jet-Black Hero. Momonga adds in his input that they need to be cautious about negotiations with other nations. Needless using idols can stir the religiously-minded countries such as the Theocracy thus adds that their plans to build statues, etc. should be postponed.

The protagonist promises not to stain the name of the Sorcerer Kingdom and damage their relations with the humans in E-Rantel. And agrees that they will continue to work promptly and carefully, taking into account the local situation and focus on the expansion of the power of their nation within the fortress city.

The idea of reviving LittleMass in the future leads Shalltear hopeful, much to Albedo's surprise. The vampire tells the Overseer Guardian that ever since she told her about the "no romance rule" for idols she began researching idol literature very carefully, noting that even if she is involved in a love scandal, so long as she has the ability she can be with her love. Aura warns the vampire, if she goes out to be an idol in the outside world, her face will be exposed to the Theocracy. Shalltear already has a countermeasure for that, by wearing a mask, believing adding a air of mystery to her idol charcter will draw greater appeal. Albedo envious of the thought tries to ask Momonga to allow her to become an idol next time. Likewise Mare also jumps for a chance to become a idol. The whole conversation leaves Momonga in dismay.[5]


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