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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

(Part 2) Undercover Adventurer (【前編】偽装身分の冒険者) is a game event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on May 24, 2021 to June 7, 2021. This event continues (Part 1) Undercover Adventurer. The event was re-released on September 9, 2022 to September 20, 2022.[1]


An exchange game tournament for the comfort of the residents of E-Rantel and the recruitment of adventurers is about to begin. Shall and Ku, who infiltrated it as undercover adventurers, proceed to the stage with an uplifting feeling.[2]

Purpose of Tournament[]

On the day of the exchange tournament, many spectators have gathered for the venue at the E-Rantel Central Square. There present were residents of the old section of the city who were a bit apprehensive to be among the crowds of demi-humans, though their fears soften at seeing the friendly attitude and atmosphere of the special event. In response to the situation, Pluton Ainzach, the guildmaster of the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild, with Surako acting as his co-moderator, makes the opening announcement, welcoming the spectators to the guild sponsored tournament.

Among the crowd besides the residents and adventurers are individuals like Ian Als Heim and Nigun Grid Luin of the Sunlight Scripture who have come to witness the event to get a better idea what their host, the protagonist, is planning. As they watch Surako introduces the adventurers that will be participating in the event. The first group she introduces are the stars of the tournament: the adamantite adventurers, the Dark Warrior and Soi. The two address the crowd, welcoming the warriors that have come to fight. The adamantite adventurers inform those that participate will be assessed and given plates based on their performance. They encourage the warriors to do their best and hope that they will use their power and skill to protect and fight for E-Rantel. In the crowd, Saint Clementine watches the adventurers speech with Jugem, Shall, and Ku, the latter two are eager for the start of the competition.

Surako continues with the list of notable adventurer teams that will be entering the tournament: Blue Roses and Swords of Darkness. Ainzach then takes over to explain the rules and conditions of the tournament. Anyone is allowed to participate in the event and join the Adventurer's Guild. After an applicant in the tournament show their skill in battle, they will be awarded an adventurer plate correlating to their ability regardless of whether they win or lose. Surako adds that the rank they could earn range from lowly copper to the highest adamantite allowing warriors to skip several ranks if they have the ability. Those that are no adventurers are welcomed to battle so as to liven up the event, which they will be rewarded by a high-class confectionary called chocolate provided by the Dark Warrior. Surako takes a minute to promote the confection as a delicious product from her home country and even Pluton chimes his positive review of it. Several people among both the adventurers and even representatives of the Kingdom and Theocracy take an interest to acquire samples of the product. This is noticed by Shall and Ku watching in the masses, secretly pleased that the lure of sweets was worth the effort.


First Match[]

The first match of the tournament starts with a fierce exhibition battle between members of Blue Roses. Gagaran fights against the ninja twins, Tina and Tia. The two ninjas despite outnumbering the heavy warrior dodges their attacks. In battle Tia attempts to use her Shadow Clone, but a mighty swing from Gagaran causes her and Tina to be blown away. The two collapse on the ground and Surako declares the winner to be Gagaran. The fight pleases Gagaran though her ninja comrades note that the muscled female would have lost to them in a real battle if they had the intent to assassinate her though they held back as it would have made their 'demon leader' angry.

Second Match[]

Ainzach announces the next match, to be the Swords of Darkness against Soi. The silver ranked adventurers are looking forward to fighting against a top adventurer like Soi. Lukrut is taken by the beauty and Soi hearing his interest of beauties, has a proposal to allow her associates to have the opportunity to show their strength. The two undercover Nazarick agents, Shall and Ku then introduce themselves as travelers looking to settle in E-Rantel. The guildmaster examining the see them as strange company as Shall looks to be a noble while her partner Ku is obviously of a non-human race. The two give their cover story of how they wanted to come to the fortress city after hearing the rumors of it accepting others of different races. Their stories are accepted and no one suspects deception and are permitted to substitute for Soi to fight against the Swords of Darkness. The other adventurers like Blue Roses watch with keen interest on the newcomers, as is the Dark Warrior. As the two teams prepare to fight, Shall releases a menacing aura that causes the silver ranked adventurers to sense that they are fighting with a powerful foe. In the end the battle goes to Shall and Ku, displaying their impressive strength to the populace. Even their opponents were stunned at their strength, which Shall attributes to fighting demi-humans more often than humans during her travels. Their strength is commented by the members of the Theocracy, Ian and Nigun to be vivid, while Climb and Brain marvel at the duo's staff and sword fighting techniques.

Third Match[]

For the third match, the guildmaster has a conundrum on who to match against who as he originally planned to have the Swords of Darkness to continue to fight against those who wanted to become adventurers. At this point Gagaran volunteers herself for the next match as she is eager to see the newcomers' strength. The two travelers accept the challenge and the new match starts.[3] Despite the duos' victory in the previous match they lose against Gagaran. Shall and Ku admit to the Blue Roses member that they are simply no match for an adamantite adventurer and see that Blue Roses' reputation is well deserved. Gagaran happy at her victory asks why Shall did not use her magic, as she had a feeling she was a cleric. The other woman then tells the crowd that while it is true she is a magic caster, she unfortunately cannot use her magic as it has since been sealed by a curse. Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra listening to the discussion asks Soi what Shall is talking about. To which the other adamantite adventurer explains that Shall sacrificed her her powers to to help her lord escape. To add credibility to her story, Ku elaborates that she met Shall when she came to a demi-human village after hearing rumors there was a way to dispel the curse. Unfortunately the village was destroyed by the Chaos Beasts and the knowledge was lost. But on the bright side Shall encountered Ku and since then have been traveling together. The foreign noble then asks Gagaran for not show casing her full power due to the mitigating circumstance. In turn Gagaran found it was not a problem as she was able to polish her skills.

Fourth Match[]

As various parties among the crowd in the square comment on this revelation that Shall is handclapped by a curse. Evileye takes a special interest in Shall as the traveler is an ex-princess. Lakyus believes that Evileye can sympathize with Shall. The same can be said by Evileye as Lakyus also suppresses a curse. The red robed magic caster of Blue Roses enters the battle area as she wants to battle them to show them adamantite rank magic. Surprised by the development Surako announces to the crowd the next match. In the battle between the adamantite adventurer and the two travelers, Evileye secures her victory by flying in the air and bombarding her opponents using [Crystal Dagger]. After winning the match, Shall praises Evileye on her control of her spell, its accuracy being precise enough to avoid hitting the spectators. Likewise Evileye was impressed that the two travelers forced her to fight seriously. The battle is view by many like Jugem and Clementine to be a symbol of good sportsmanship. Even Ian and Nigun get a bit envious at the Kingdom's camaraderie with the foreigners. Soi asks Pluton if the duel is impressive as he hoped. The guildmaster answers that the two travelers are excellent candidates to be adventurers. Although he is a bit disappointed as he is afraid that with these two in the ring, other general participants will be dissuaded from joining the event.

Fifth Match[]

Upon hearing the guildmaster's concern, Brain volunteers himself to be in the next match. Climb is taken aback by his companion's participation as they do not have permission from Princess Renner, though Brain tells him that they were sent to cooperate and assist which he is doing. Introducing himself to the two women, Brain states that he wants to test out Ku's sword skills. His curiousity is understandable as they both wield similar weapons and wants to see her "Burning Blade " technique. Seeing no reason to decline, Ku accepts his challenge. as the Kingdom's strongest fighter faces against Shall and Ku, Pluton though pleased that the event has some excitement but laments that there won't be any more adventurer applicants from the general public. Soi hearing this asks herself many that her associates are just too strong. The Dark Warrior though states that they should be happy with the results so far as the residents have seem more happy and comfortable than they have been in a long time. Seeing his point the guildmaster admits that the goals of the tournament have at least been achieved. The members of the Swords of Darkness agree that they should be allowed to have some fun at least, promising to solicit to the general public for recruits at a later date.[4] Back to the duel with Ku and Brain, the latter manages to get in Ku's proximity breaking her balance and drawing his sword to her. However to Surako's he draws the blade back into its scabbard making the announcer wonder if Brain is conceding. That is not the case as Ku states that Brain just executed a sword slash at a tremendous speed that was too quick for the eye. Thankfully she avoided it and she admits to defeat, acknowledging the other warrior. The three contenders praise each other skills in their respective strengths and Martial Arts. For Brain's participation, he gains souvenir chocolates which he gives to Climb as a gift to the princess.

Sixth Match[]

By the end of the fifth match, Narberal Gamma watches from the rooftops a relays a [Message] to the protagonist back at the hotel suite on the tournament's progress. From what Narberal can tell Ku and Shall are doing a good job and there has been no suspicious movements from the Kingdom. Though she spots that members of the Theocracy are moving towards the field. The two members of the Theocracy have decided to participate in the activity to show their cooperation to the city. Nigun respectful asks for them to battle the two which they accept. In the battle Shall beats Nigun with her parasol distracting him from casting a spell. Both groups struggle with each other, Ian considering summoning an angel but wonders if it would be appropriate for the tournament. The two teams then agree to a draw. Nigun impressed by Shall's skills and physical abilities and is convinced that the two travelers of their abilities in that they were outperformed by Brain and Blue Roses. Nigun though inquires on Shall's power, causing Soi to be worried if he is suspicious still. Nigun though hopes instead that Shall's power could be better suited for the Theocracy and still believes her cover story. Shall already suspecting what Nigun is asking politely declines as the reasons being that she worships a different god from the Slane Theocracy and also it would mean separating from Ku. The two members of the Sunlight Scripture find it a shame but understand. Shall states that she would not be against the idea of visiting their nation at another opportunity. After Ian and Nigun are awarded their chocolate for the match, Ian is excited by the gift while Nigun contemplates on the duel and conversation with Shall and Ku as he wonders if the two were evaluating the strengths of the contestants.

Seventh Match[]

The match between the travelers and the Sunlight Scripture brings a lot of commotion among the crowds and they are left with high evaluations of Ku and Shall. The Dark Warrior beckons Ainzach for him to award the newcomers their plates. The guildmaster agrees and announces to all present that the two ladies have satisfied the audience with their abilities. The two women are pleased though ask if vagabonds including like them is okay, but the guildmaster states that it does not matter inviting E-Rantel to become their home as adventurers. For their rank the guildmaster measures them to be at least mithril as they were good enough to do a match against a member of Blue Roses. Then he considers that were able to hold their own against Brain Unglaus and the members of the Sunlight Scripture it should be at least orichalcum. This leaves Ainzach at indecision, which Lakyus offers a recommendation. Her team invites themselves for one more match the entire of Blue Roses against the two newcomers to see the depths of their power. Shall agrees to the challenge, calling it an honor to face against the pride of the Re-Estize Kingdom. After a long battle, Shall and Ku despite putting up a great fight are defeated. Though the two lost, they earn the respect of the members of Blue Roses surprised that the two women improving in such a short amount of time.[5]

Final Match[]

When Shall spies that Surako is shaking with excitement, it's a signal that she received new orders from the protagonist. The vampire then motions to Ku to begin the next phase of the idolization plan. The two give their thanks for being able to fight against adamantite ranked adventurers. As the crowd cheers in agreement, Gagaran realizes aloud that there are still some adamantite adventurers that have not yet bee active in the tournament. The crowds attention are directed to the Dark Warrior and Soi who are urged by the masses to join in the tournament. The Dark Warrior who is actually Pandora's Actor take the stage and steps forward to take part of the last event. Pluton Ainzach announces the last match to be a battle between Blue Roses and the Dark Warrior, but is interrupted by the latter to have him fight not just Blue Roses but the two aspiring adventurers. The idea is unsure by Ainzach as the two women would be tired by now, though Shall and Ku jump at the chance to battle against a peerless warrior like the Dark Warrior. This is of course to present a fierce battle to sublimate the protagonist as an idol before E-Rantel. Soi adds her support of the idea, followed by the audience and members of the Swords of Darkness and Blue Roses. With the majority in support of the fight, the guildmaster has Surako start the final fight with Dark Warrior fighting against all the adventurers participating in the tournament. The final exhibition match was the fiercest yet with many different contenders but only one warrior stood out amongst the rest: the Dark Warrior who defeats each adventurer one by one.



The Dark Warrior won the respect of his peers for his abilities and Surako delivers the verdict that the Dark Warrior is the winner of the final match. A special thanks is offered to the adventurers who fought in the battle. Saint Clementine watching the scene mused that the Dark Warrior is just what he appears to be, a savior in turbulent world. Unbeknownst to the crowds and observing factions, Narberal reported the tournament's end and received new instruction to send to Shall and Pandora's Actor.

Once the excitement of the tournament subsided, it was about to be decided to have Shall and Ku registered as adventurers. But just as the Dark Warrior is about to give them their rank, Shall received a [Message] from the Pleiades maid, which after listening asks the Dark Warrior that they have decided to decline. Both women state that they have realized that they lack training, which causes the guildmaster to be shocked and asks if there is anything wrong. In truth the two travelers believe E-Rantel to be a wonderful city but if they were to become adventurers here it should be after they have gathered comrades and eliminated their weaknesses.

Some among the crowds, like Evileye believes this to make sense. The fallen noble then tells everyone that she and Ku will be going on another journey to find a way to break her curse and aim for a complete team. After seeing the height power at this tournament she sees that she still has ways to go. Ainzach understanding asks if the two would still consider registering as adventurers. Unfortunately as the adventurers are all united in confronting the cause of the Incident Shall and Ku cannot afford to honor the adventurer plate while they continue their journey. Still the experience in their city was wonderful and the two hope to return one day. They add that with the Dark Warrior protecting the city that it is in good hands. The noble still has one last request, to thank the populace of the people. Ainzach asks her to name it, which turns out to distribute chocolate to the audience. Unsure about the request, as chocolate is a high trade item, however the idea catches on with others who participated in the tournament to share their chocolate winnings to the residents of the city. The Dark Warrior hearing the request finds that it is doable and announces to give all in the crowd high-class confections winning his shouts of gratitude.

With this, the idolization of the Dark Warrior progressed, creating a situation where Shalltear and her friends would be welcomed when then visited E-Rantel again. All part of "Plan B", its success was reported to the higher ups at the Round Table Room. Momonga is thrilled by the news and expects Pandora's Actor to return back to Nazarick and handle the chocolate distribution form the dungeon which should take about a day or two to prepare them as gifts for all of E-Rantel. Everything has gone according to plan as both Shalltear and Kyuko have secured their positions as promising adventurer candidates. Demiurge was worried that the idolization plan may be threatened if attention to the two women is the main focus by the city. Hence why having Shall and Ku quietly leave E-Rantel was the best option. Albedo sees that this way the two get to keep their registration as adventurers candidates without adversely forcing to share adamantite status. In addition Demiurge states that having Shall and Ku go on a journey will also avoid unnecessary issues on their availability if they are ever sought during an emergency. It saves them the trouble of creating a rhetoric and complicated cover story. So far their plan to distribute the chocolates has succeeded and will attract future trade between E-Rantel and the Sorcerer Kingdom as Nazarick is the only source known to the Tripartite Alliance. Not only that Nazarick has proceeded to launch a series of Dark Warrior goods in cooperation with the Adventurer's Guild. It is expected that they will gain monetary funds from their ventures and agree to continue with the carrot and stick method.

Back in a hotel suite in E-Rantel, Narberal reports on Momonga's compliments on her team's success. Slimeko states that with this public event it has made the protagonist more easier to move in the city. Pandora's Actor's role in the subterfuge is hailed to be the hallmark of the plan by his colleagues. The Dark Warrior soon became more heroic while at the same time the resident of E-Rantel experienced the memories of Shall and Ku, two promising adventurers beginners. Their stories of the princess of a fallen noble house traveling with a heteromorphic princess as a bodyguard is still remembered. At the guild Shall and Ku give their goodbyes to Ainzach Pluton, though sad to see them go still considers them members of the guild. The duo leave and go out to continue their journey.[6]


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