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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

(Part 2) Nazarick Revitalization Plan -Anniversary- (【後編】ナザリック再生計画-記念-) is a game event that occured in Mass for the Dead. It was released on March 1, 2022 to March 15, 2022. This event continues (Part 1) Nazarick Revitalization Plan -Anniversary-. The event was re-released on March 7, 2023 to March 19, 2023.[1]


A ceremony to commemorate the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom, which will be held in Nazarick soon. The preparation was finally about to reach its climax. However, Demiurge, who is in charge of making the statue of Momonga, was particularly struggling...on the day of the ceremony, he was just around the corner.[2]


Around the time when preparations were underway for the "Sorcerer Kingdom's National Foundation Day Ceremony" at the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the additional labor force of demi-humans arrive from the Abelion Hills at the fortress city of E-Rantel. Supervising the arrival is the protagonist and Surako to get the newcomers started on urban work and reconstruction. The pair also chat with Mare Bello Fiore who came with the group. The dark elf notes that the pair to be awfully busy, crediting it to their diplomatic skills. Surako blushes at the praise and notes that lately it has been happening more often from Mare and the others the last few days. Their conversation ends when the last member of the protagonist's adventurer team appears. Soi joins the trio to take note of the demi-humans who will be heading to the training center for processing. This being new to Mare, he inquires it and the adventurers explain that the training center's purpose is to confirm the fighting ability of the newcomers to separate those to be assign in the labor force or in the defense force of the city.

After the necessary confirmations at the training center, the Nazarick agents return back to the hotel suite. There Soi asks why Surako was so anxious when she arrive which the slime explains that the praise from her peers of being experienced in diplomacy to be undeserved as most of the time the protagonist takes the lead while she merely observes. The protagonist tells her not to worry too much on her inabilities as he was doing what he was made to do as the Deputy Diplomat Assistant. Unfortunately Soi and Surako's association with him, cause many to assume that they are all brilliant in knowledge and manners regarding diplomacy. Even the protagonist admits that most of his knowledge on the skillset does not come from experience, but from the books he read in the library as most of what he does is a little bit of general knowledge and intuition. Since the day of the foundation ceremony is approaching, Soi and Surako worry of failing to meet everyone's expectations at the event. Even if they are familiar with the guests such as the lizardmen, Hamsuke, and Kyuko, they will have to treat them like guests and be more formal. The two women knowing that their mission in the city is equally important, request the protagonist some time off to allow themselves to be ready for the event, which the homunculus allows.[3]

Back on the 7th Floor of Nazarick, Demiurge having brought a sizeable amount of adamantite ore begins the production of the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue. Assisting him are Evil Lord Envy and Evil Lord Greed who provide feedback on his prototype designs. None of the designs Demiurge drafted feel up to standard, even after the session he had with Momonga when the Floor Guardian measured every inch of the undead's body to use as a base for his statue. Now looking at the numerical measurements, Demiurge cannot help but feel like he is missing something. Greed suggests that it may be impossible to imitate the aura of a Supreme Being. The Floor Guardian detects someone entering his floor and Abyss Demon arrives to discuss management of the newly discovered vein of ore. Before Abyss Demon gives his consultation on mining operations, Demiurge asks his sincere opinion on the prototypes for his statue. The demon examining the model believes that it is a masterpiece, though is stunned to find out that it is only one of 83 Demiurge is trying to decide on. Abyss Demon though believes that the problem might be Demiurge's expectations on crafting an exact replica of Momonga my be too high as he is only creating a facsimile. Other than that he cannot provide any more aesthetic feedback. Demiurge is not satisfied by that and continues to asks his subordinate what is missing from his work, but the summon is at a loss of what could be unsatisfactory in the prototype.

Demiurge believes that another opinion is required, and has Greed fetch Albedo for her input. Albedo arrives shortly later and browses through pieces of Demiurge's work in progress, noting the volume of adamantite he used but not surprised given the conundrum her fellow Floor Guardian is in. Since Albedo crafted Dakimakuras of Momonga that captured the Supreme Being's essences, Demiurge though she would better insight. Albedo correctly guesses that Demiurge based his designs from exact measurements taken from Momonga and hence they are limited his scope of imagination. She advises him that rather than just replicate he should express Momonga's value and prestige through his passion of "art" not with materials. In short his statue is too accurate. Now understanding the barrier had had been limiting himself with, Demiurge is inspired by what he must do. Thanking Albedo for her insight, he invites her to help him design the new statue, even challenging her to see who can come up with the better design. The offer is accepted by the Overseer and the two begin with a passion to craft the best statue embodying their master whilst the demon minions watch in awe.

A few days since Demiurge and Albedo began their work in earnest, the two have finally completed the drafts of the statue. Envy and Greed provide some commentary on the pieces each present though are fascinated of how Demiurge is more motivated in the crafting project than ever before since Albedo was brought on board. With only day left to the ceremony, the two Floor Guardians unanimously agree to combine their efforts and ideas to create the final product.[4]

Eventually on the last day before the ceremony, on various locations in Nazarick many were working hard to get everything prepared. On the 6th Floor, Mare Bello Fiore and Cocytus discuss on what to wear for the event, believing that such an occasion requires formal wear. Elsewhere, Shalltear Bloodfallen and Aura Bella Fiora are once again performing their training regime with the Death Knights, and have successfully mastered the basics of dancing without any issue. The two female Floor Guardian attribute their improvement to the tutelage of Kyouhukou who they endured the company of regardless of his gruesome appearance. Thanking the trio of Death Knights that performed as their dance partners, the two left the training room. Now full of confidence in the diplomatic protocols and manners cultivated during the preparation period, the two headed to their respective places to guard the Cracks located on their floors.

In the canteen of the 9th Floor, Sebas Tian addresses the assembled general maids and Pleiades. Pestonya reports to her superior that the maids have prepared food, drinks, and proper accommodations for their arriving guests. Yuri adds that her sisters made sure to scout safe routes for the attendees to use when they arrive at Fake Nazarick. Additionally they made arrangements per Demiurge’a request to prepare a “spectacle” for the guests. And that culling of Chaos Beasts in the surrounding areas will be carried out to ensure no security breaches. The maids have already been brief in etiquette thanks to the protagonist. Once Solution returns from the field, the Pleiades will be ready to handle all security measures for the event. Pleased by their diligence, Sebas Tian notices the weariness of the general maids Foire and Cixous. He orders them to rest for the remainder of the day despite their pleas that they can still work, but the butler insists as the they can save their enthusiasm for tomorrow.

At the Treasury, Momonga is go over etiquette with Pandora's Actor to secretly prepare himself for the upcoming ceremony, bearing with the Area's Guardian overly dramatic personality. Momonga feeling he absorbed enough of diplomatic protocols and knowledge from Pandora's Actor, thanks him for his assistance. Still unaware of Momonga's lack of diplomatic knowledge, Pandora's Actor is overwhelm by the praise and feels honored. That in mind Pandora's Actor promises to pass along any new techniques and mannerism that he learns from the protagonist so that his creator can evaluate him using his wisdom. Seeing it that is not a bad idea, Momonga allows the Area Guardian that illusion in order to improve his social skills.

Later on the 7th Floor, just as everyone was getting ready, Demiurge and Albedo have come to an agreement for the final product of the adamantite statue. The two compliment each other on the productive session they had to achieve this and soon long to announce their success on the approaching day.[5]

National Foundation Day[]

Early the next morning, on the day of the National Foundation Day Ceremony, a carriage is see driven carrying the representatives of the lizardmen, that include Shasuryu Shasha, Crusch Lulu, and Zaryusu Shasha. Both Shasuryu and Zaryusu are in wonder of the luxurious transportation and its stability despite their speed. Taking a more critical review of their situation, Crusch is suspicious that the carriage shifted serval times in various directions leading her to believe that their hosts may be obscuring the position of the Sorcerer Kingdom intentionally from them. Shasuryu believes that the driver is just being thorough in safety, trusting Cocytus in the arrangement. Zaryusu muses that his brother took a big step on this journey, as many of the elders from the village had opposed the invitation, in fear of weakening the village's strength with three chieftains absent. Thankfully they left Zenberu Gugu and Kyuku Zuzu to allay the remaining tribe's concerns who are also being assisted by Cocytus's forces. Zaryusu feels that accepting the invitation was the right choice as rather than lamenting on being powerless they can thank the Sorcerer Kingdom for its patronage. The trio are alerted by their driver that they have arrived at their destination.

Once they lizardmen step off from the carriage they are welcomed to a scene of a mausoleum, though to them it appears to be a spacious village of elaborate stones. The demi-humans are greeted by a familiar face, Lupusregina Beta, who informs them that what they see is merely the entrance to the dwelling of her master. Yuri Alpha and the rest of the Pleiades approach, and introductions are between the chieftains and maids. Curious to what Lupsuregina said about the surface only being an entrance, Yuri directs her guests to descend into the tomb.

The party is taken to an underground chamber where the get reacquainted with Hamsuke who is also there and introduces her companions Kyuko and the Death Knight from the Great Forest of Tob. The parties finish giving their introductions to the new faces in their mutual groups when Yuri asks them to continue to follow her and the other combat maids to the ceremony venue. While heading to their destination, Pleaides warn the guests to take extra care as there are security traps active. The warning is a lie of course as it is part of the Sorcerer Kingdom's strategy to create an air of defensiveness towards foreigners. On the way the guests are exposed to level of security that Nazarick possessed from elder liches to fireball traps leaving them impressed. The spectacle was of course planned by the maids to convey Nazarick's power, whilst presenting "hospitality" towards the guests. The time comes for Narberal Gamma and Solution Epsilon to separate from the escort group as the two need to attend exterminating Chaos Beasts, but they expect to be at attendance at the ceremony. Saying their goodbyes the maids head towards the 6th Floor, whilst the guests are led to the Throne Room.[6]

The guests are led through the replica Lemegeton and into the Throne Room displaying the grand splendor of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The party are guided to their seats whilst they wait for others on Nazarick to arrive. The visitors of Nazarick talk amongst themselves on the grandeur of the location, which speaks volumes of their host and his power. Not only that they see that the hall contains various different races, that not just include the maids that escorted them, but vampires, insect guards, spiders, a quartet of demons and others. The diversity strikes Zaryusu as it echoes the protagonist's vision of joining hands with other races. Among the crowd in the group, the lizardmen sees the protagonist and Slimeko being escorted by Sebas Tian and some members of the Pleiades. While studying the crowd, Zaryusu realizes that there seems to be a hierarchy of those standing by the throne. They include the Floor Guardians who have assembled and patiently wait for their master to make his appearance. Albedo addressing the court informs them that they shall begin the founding ceremony to commemorate of their nation. Momonga then makes his grand entrance, his presence causing the lizardmen delegation to intuitively sense his power and when the see his face they are totally dumbstruck. The audience in the chamber then welcomes their king before all the Floor Guardians, minus Gargantua, give self-introductions. Afterwards everyone in the room rises to stand at attention to Momonga as he addresses them. The undead king first expresses his gratitude towards the people from the Great Forest of Tob, recognizing their contributions in protecting the land. Next he thanks the lizardmen for the indispensable resources they contributed to his nation, understanding the great difficulties they had to overcome due to their kind's isolation to the outside world. He admires their adaptability and promises them greater rewards in the future for their tribe. And further adds that their efforts have allowed his kingdom to acquire vital information regarding the Incident and calls for building an even stronger relationship.

Likewise the lizardmen offer their respects to the king. Momonga appraising them comments that he heard much about the three from Cocytus, and appear of Shasuryu Shasha to be expecting a newborn, as well as Zaryusu Shasha and will soon be married. To celebrate their blessings, Momonga promises the three gifts for the the child and wedding. Now that the pleasantries of addressing his subjects are taken care of, Albedo then confirms the completion the ceremony involving activities such as raising the national flag, singing the national anthem, and congratulatory speeches from guest representatives. Momonga then formally declares the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom to the assembly.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the venue of the event was moved to the hall on the 9th floor of Fake Nazarick were and a stand-up party was held. After a toast greeting is held by Momonga, a large number of dishes were immediately lined up for the party goers. The variety of dishes fascinates the visiting lizardmen who seem to think that Momonga's benevolence has no limit. Pestonya and Yuri encourage the demi-humans to enjoy the feast. As for alcohol, the Head Maid suggests a brand personally selected by the Deputy Chef and brought back some time ago by the protagonist.

New guests arrive in the form of Slimeko, Solution and the protagonist. The trio greet the lizardmen, apologizing for not greeting them at the ceremony due to formalities. Zaryusu asks Solution, who is garbed in her adventurer outfit, as to why he did not see her among the crowd. He then learns that the maid was occupied with duties outside Nazarick at the time and was only able to arrive to the banquet session. Shasuryu then believes that his group should move to say their greetings to Cocytus, but not before passing Hamsuke, Kyuko and the Death Knight who are enjoying the feast and chatting with Lupusregina Beta, Narberal Gamma, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta and CZ2128 Delta.

Aura arrives at the party, though this time in formal suspensers and a short to the surprise of her brother Mare. The female dark elf explains she used this opportunity to dress in one of outfits given to her by Bukubukuchagama. Noticing that he did not dress in his, Mare apologizes as he had forgotten his own outfit in his inventory. Annoyed by by this Aura tries to make Mare dress quickly, but Mare cannot as he has one task for Demiurge to complete. Aura is not alone in formal wear as Albedo, Demiurge and Shalltear appear in elaborate wear given to them by their creators. Their appears are praised by the attending maids Foire and Cixous. Momonga looking over the party is pleased that the guests and general maids are enjoying themselves, though he thinks about the others who were unable to participate in the banquet due to security reasons. To correct this Momonga plans to make arrangements for them in the future. In the meantime a peaceful moment passes through the party.[7]

Demiurge and Albedo announce everyone that they will be moving unto the ball portion of the venue. None of the visitors at the party are confident at dancing. But once the dancing starts they soon get the hang of it and even find it fun. The dancing skills of Shalltear and Aura are even compliments by Kyouhukou and Neuronist Painkill at the ball. The two then turn to locating Albedo who is beside Momonga in a suit. Momonga while dancing is not his strong suit, but having studied with Pandora's Actor, decides to treat Albedo to a dance who accepts. The two become the center of attention on the dance floor, and Albedo is overwhelmed at the experience of dancing with her master. This draws some ire from Shalltear watching at the side, calling Albedo to be sneaky, though Aura draws her aside to calm herself in front of their guests stating that she can dance with Momonga next though is contested by Neuronist.

The ball session passes in a blink of an eye——-when Demiurge is approached by an unknown character. Demiurge apologizes to the figure for making him do this chore, but the latter believes it to be not trouble as he was already doing errands and plus he found this particular job to be worth it. Demiurge then calls everyone to attention as it is time for the finale.[8]

Momonga having changed back to his clothes then observes as Demiurge addresses everyone present to gaze at the center of the venue which is a clothed object. The demon explains that this will be the unveiling ceremony and in commemoration of the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom, he will reveal his latest work. The party have their attention at the cover object in eager anticipation of what it could be. At a signal from dressed up Mare, the dark elf unveil the cloth to show the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue. The sight of the statue causes Momonga have a bout of emotional distress as he finds the image of himself presented in such a way to be embarrassing. The opinion is not shared by those in the hall, as the NPCs marvel and hail the statue as impressive and overwhelming, with even a few maids being brough to tears at the sight. Their admiration for a statue in his gaudy image though makes Momonga wonder if the guests think the same, but to his shock they are likewise in awe of the item, not just because of the artistry but that that statue is made of pure adamantite. Then, with the overwhelming excitement and satisfaction of all the participants except one, the National Foundation Day Ceremony was successfully closed.


After all the events were successfully completed and the guests were seen off with gifts, Momonga met with the NPCs at the Round Table Room to thank Albedo and Demiurge for their careful preparation and the generous hospitality of the guests, as the founding of Sorcerer Kingdom was very auspicious. Now ass the King of the Sorcerer Kingdom he will need to rely on them much more. The two Floor Guardians are happy to hear those words from their sovereign.

Now Momonga calls the discussion onto the evaluation of the ceremony from the protagonist's eyes. To the homunculus diplomat, he believes it was adequate, but overall displayed good qualities of hospitality, and showed off the Sorcerer Kingdom's national power and status. In terms of diplomacy, he was impressed as all the diplomatic rituals and manners were so sophisticated that even he couldn't believe the denizens of Nazarick learned so fast in a short period of time. Though Shalltear adds the reason why they were quick studies was that there was the possibility they would be dismissed as Floor Guardians. However Albedo assures them that is no longer a concern bringing a sigh of relief. Demiurge brings up the issue of the installation of the statue. As for it, Momonga admits that it is unreasonable to put it into words in detail, but nevertheless is a masterpiece that is enough to let outsiders know the majesty of his nation.

Since the decision is his to decide what to do with the statue, Momonga states that it will be placed on the 7th Floor. None in the room object to this decision and congratulate Demiurge on this honor who at first in stunned but accepts it. When Albedo brings up on what to do with the 187 prototypes, it attracts some interest from the other NPCs. Though the products are inferior to the final piece, many of the NPCs request to have one. Soon negotiations are made to decide on the distribution of the statuues.[9]To Be Added.

Momonga would meet with Pandora's Actor in the Treasury to describe him the ceremony's success. Pandora's Actor is pleased with the turnout, and hopes to see the famed statue for himself one day which Momonga promises to arrange. Pandora's Actor thanks his creator, now address him as a king, but Momonga prefers if Pandora's Actor address him as normal. The Area Guardian has a question, previously he was reluctant to make a statue of himself so why did the Supreme Being permit it?

Prior to the initiation of the planning of the ceremony, Momonga was in a private conference with Albedo and Demiurge. The 7th Floor Guardian gave a passionate speech of why setting up the ceremony was so important. It is to prepare the NPCs for the day when Momonga loses interest in them and decides to leave as the other Supreme Beings. The best thing would be to leave a successor, but Demiurge still guilt ridden of being unable to prevent the near collapse of Nazarick feels having one would be pointless. Thus he believes making an adamantite statue in place of a successor will suffice for now, even if it is not Momonga's child nor inherits his noble blood and power. But still Demiurge wants to offer something to show his loyalty, to create an existence he recognized from his own hand. While knowing that this may be selfish, Demiurge offers his own neck to Momonga is he overstepped his bounds. Momonga listening to Demiurge's words merely states that there is no need. If such a ceremony and statue will alleviate his anxiety then he will not stop it. He understand that his subjects need to be loyal and united after he is gone, and a statue will be of great significance. But tells the two this: he never abandon them at his own will.

Back in the present Momonga tells his creation that he was overwhelmed by Demiurge enthusiasm to give him permission to make the statue. Demiurge actions echoes to Momonga's past when he created the Mausoleum as he did something similar to honor his long gone comrades. For now Momonga informs Pandora's Actor, now that they have formally established themselves as a nation, the shape-shfter will have more chances to play as the protagonist and himself in certain situations. Pandora's Actor seeing the importance vows to prepare for those moments in the future. Momonga back to his private thoughts consider of how he first came to this new world, finding Nazarick at the brink of destruction and the NPCs dead. He came along way to investigating the outside world, rebuilding his beloved dungeon and even welcoming strangers from other worlds. Where he was once a guildmaster in a game world, he now has become a king it brings a smile to himself. Pandora's noticing this asks if Momonga is alright though the undead states that he was thinking about the efforts of his subordinates. Truthfully he tells Pandora's Actor he does not know what the future holds but no matter what kind of abnormal situation he faces, if they are with him, it seems that he can overcome it.

Momonga who is usually timid, cautious and tending to worry about small details finds his heart was filled with great expectations for a new tomorrow with his subordinates, rather than anxiety about the future——[10]