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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

(Part 1) Underground-Tomb-IDOL P ((前編) 地下-大墳墓-IDOL P) was a event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on April 15, 2021 to May 6, 2021. This was continued in (Part 2) Underground-Tomb-IDOL P. The event was re-released on March 16, 2022 to April 4, 2022.[1] And again on March 17, 2023 to Mach 30, 2023.[2]


The hero who saved E-Rantel from the demon Jaldabaoth. For the purpose of comforting the residents of the old city, a plan using an idol <idol> will be implemented using a general maid as a template ...? Take a look at Aura and Shalltear's performing arts![3]

Purpose of Event[]

After the attack on E-Rantel by the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth, due to the work of the protagonist it was expected that the management rights of E-Rantel would proceed. Though the formal signing had not taken place, the protagonist was acknowledged as the "next right holder". In a meeting at the Round Table Room, the homunculus proposed that it was in Nazarick's interest to care for the inhabitants of the city. Having inspected the city almost every day, the homunculus reported that the new section of the city while being filled with vibrancy coexistence of humans and demi-humans was a stark contrast to the old parts of E-Rantel. Some of the native inhabitants of the city appeared to have not fully healed from their trauma, and if left unattended the unresolved emotions might lead to a conflict between the new and old citizens.

Momonga noted that it would be troublesome for Nazarick if the city was in riot. It was the city administrator's responsibility to handle public dissatisfaction which the protagonist would soon be elected once the rights of the city are transferred officially. Albedo and Demiurge noted that the problem was perfect for the protagonist to pursue an aim to increase his authority especially with the Kingdom and Empire hesitant with the change. But for this case as Momonga believed not just physical assistance was need but also mental relief. This was a good opportunity to seize the hearts of the human inhabitants of E-Rantel, though a question remained on what measure the Sorcerer Kingdom should take.

The Overlord left the question to be answered by his loyal retainers. Demiurge surmised that perhaps the protagonist could serve in some capacity as his image has created such an immediate effect over the populace, using his alter-ego as the Jet-Black Warrior who defeated Jaldabaoth and became a strong savior to the people. This leads to using hero worship to advance Nazarick's agenda and build on that as a foundation for spiritual worship of the hero among the resident of the city. Though the 7th Floor Guardian mentions such a plan would require Pandora's Actor, something that Momonga believes is too much of a risk as the Area Guardian, should he be defeated while posing as the homunculus will expose the deception. And on a personal agenda to prevent the shape-shifter's antics and personality from permeating among the New World inhabitants. A statue of the protagonist is considered to be a tool to inspire the human masses, and perhaps inscribing it with one of Pandora's Actor's quotes such as "Legende wurde gebaut". The establishment of idolization seems to be a good step in the direction to Albedo and Demiurge, though Momonga feels that they need something else. Demiurge believes he knows exactly what his master is talking about bring about by creating an "idol".

Later taking place on the 9th Floor in the canteen, where the general maids such as Cixous and Foire are enjoying lunch, get a surprised visit by Lupusregina Beta when she suddenly dispels her [Invisibility]. Before they comment on this, the lights in the canteen go out and Pestonya Shortcake Wanko makes an announcement of the creation of LittleMass. When music starts and the lights return, LittlMass is soon revealed to be Shalltear Bloodfallen and Aura Bella Fiora dressed in flashy outfits and using microphones and begin their show.

Previously in the Round Table Demiurge interpreted Momonga's musing words to implement an——idol plan. So in order to put this into practice, the rest of the Floor Guardians were immediately summoned to update them on the situation. Momonga allowed Demiurge to explain the plan, which Demiurge expressed was a carefully laid plan envisioned by his master to heal humans' wounds, lessen their resistance to Nazarick, and gain obedient servants and labor force.

Rather than use to use a religious symbol, they will to use an "idol" that people long for. Upon hearing the idea, Albedo is impressed with the flexibility and boldness, which Momonga relies that he merely wanted to avoid legality issues with the religious aspect of E-Rantel. Though than brings him further praise by Cocytus and Aura on his being consideration for others. However Shalltear wonders exactly what their idol plan is? As she only recalled ever hearing about idol from the Supreme Beings and hypothesizes that it must involve singing and dancing. Mare Bello Fiore considering this tidbit wonders if an idol is similar to a bard. Though Aura corrects him that it is more focused on performing arts not buffing through song. To Slimeko finding that it involves entertainment makes the plan sound like fun. The protagonist has some concerns, as though the idea is wonderful there are many unexpected factors about how to implement the plan on the fragile spirit of humans and those with trauma. Momonga directs Demiurge to answer this query for him as he himself has not solution. While Demiurge does tries to come up with an answer to divine his master's intention, Momonga comes up with an idea to test the idol plan before they can put it into practice for the residents of E-Rantel. They host it in Nazarick not just as a trial but also to help their own personnel relieve themselves of potential mental stress. To use as a test group the plan should be directed towards the Homunculus Maids as they are relatively close to humans and can provide a verification of the influence of the "entertainment" of idols on the psyche.

The suggestion is viable and Momonga orders Demiurge to assist in making a test with due care so as not to adversely affect general maids. He leaves the plan to him as he has a deep understanding of his "plan" to use idols to help the maids relieve their stress. Demiurge now assigned the role of producer, the protagonist is direct to be be in of support as a manager. The two NPCs agree and are grateful to be putting their knowledge to work together.

As for the role of the idol, Aura wonders if CZ2128 Delta could be installed as one since she is the most popular Pleiades member among the general maids. She is noted to be the most likable that the maids crave interaction which matches criteria for being an idol. This is disagree by the protagonist as the Pleiades are mostly out on field missions and if one becomes an idol there is concern that the role will interfere with their missions. Instead he recommends that it would be best to choose the idol among the Floor Guardians. As for who, the Floor Guardians ask Momonga who he would choose. From his perspective the candidates would need to be suitable objects of admiration. But there would be no need for a strong and intimidating feelings but also important to make people want to support them. Rather than be a single idol Momonga believes the idol should have a partner. Aura comes to mind, but seeing Mare he recalls that mix-sex siblings didn't meeting the "idol" image back in his original world and so picks Shalltear to complete the idol pair.

Bask in the present, the canteen now alive with cheers, greets Shalltear Bloodfallen, going under, Acidity, and Aura Bella Fiora, going under, Alkaline. LittleMass thanks the maids for listening to their performance and continued support before they depart. The Head Maid informs the general maids that more shows of the idol unit will appear in morning and night shifts according to the shift of general maids, which excites Cixous, Foire and Lupusregina of the treat they are being given. Demiurge and the protagonist watching from the back of the canteen comment on how well receive the introduction was before the two head to Ashurbanipal to continue their research.[4]

Acidity and Alkaline are found relaxing in their break room being attended by Slimeko while waiting for the next show. Slimeko expresses that their singing and presentation was more exciting than expected with both Demiurge and protagonist in approval. Alkaline wonders if this was a victory then, which her partner Acidity states that it is since they were given the honor of being selected by Momonga. Acidity even takes it as a personal victory when the dark elf comments that she will follow her lead during the idol plan. As Acidity is attended by her Vampire Bride to get ready for their next show, Slimeko is in high hopes for the idol pair next display for the maids.

While the two idols were solidifying their unity, at Ashurbanipal, Demiurge is busy reading through documents related to "idols" which speak of meeting conditions such as "the target of longing", "the existence itself is attractive", and "human resources with fans". So far he was able to recognize their meaning in various ways. As for the protagonist much of the feedback from the general maids who gave them descriptions Aura and Shalltear being "cute" verifies that the pair were the right choices for Nazarick's idols. Demiurge though thinks they can make the pair even more attractive like using the indispensable element of a "live" show. The protagonist also bring about that the "song" seems to be an important factor in idol live performances. For this aspect the two agree to take advice from those experienced in music or orchestra like Neuronist Painkill or Chacmool.

Demiurge also pieces together from his research that live performances aren't limited to just songs. But talking in person and handshake events as indicated in the literature where idols play an active role and prepare a place to shine. Demiurge has their plan all figured out and has the protagonist preview it for him, and reveals that he wants the idol finale show to take place in the ruined Throne Room. Where the idols not just sing and dance, but fight against Chaos Beasts as a part of the "live" event. Demiurge intends to show the maids what the every day routine of the Guardians is. The plan is deemed ambitious by the homunculus though there are concerns about the safety against the Chaos Beasts and Crack. If the show takes place there then they would be putting the maids at risk. Demiurge insists that this was a request that came straight from the maids in a questionnaire like: "I want to see the brave Guardians with my own eyes" and "I want to know the enemy of Nazarick". Since the demon has been appointed as a producer, he'd like to give what customers want.

The two are next seen walking through the 9th Floor hallway, heading for the LittleMass waiting room whilst planning a live performance along the way. In their plan, Demiurge has selected the security for the venue, but before they go into greater detail, the protagonist hears Slimeko's raised voice from the room. An unexpected situation has happened where Neuronist Painkill is wants to include her choir with the idols. Demiurge apologizes as they will not do as they devised something a little different from the so-called live music show. This worries the two idols as they think they won't be able to show off their voices, but misunderstandings are cleared up by the protagonist when he explains that the show will be demonstration of subduing the Chaos Beasts. The plan is advocated to be good by the people in the room and even by Neuronist who acknowledges that it fulfills a request by the maids though the torturer is a bit disappointed of not being able to perform on stage. However it cannot be helped as the stage in the 10th Floor would require her to fight the monsters from the Crack. Demiurge suggest that they do a live rehearsal and stick to the current plan which now will help improve the idols' skills in fighting flashy while adjusting. But he reminds them to avoid killing each other and taking excessive injuries.[5]

Again at the Round Table, many NPCs are in attendance from Momonga, the Floor Guardians, Neuronist, Sebas Tian and the protagonist. After LittleMass completed their mock combat with the instruction of a Neuronist Demiurge gathered everyone to explain the live concept and get permission to implement it. To Momonga while he knows it to be a bit dangerous Demiurge believes that it will be a good opportunity to understand what kind of positive effect it has on the mental state by showing how their desires and aspirations are active. Which according to the protagonist, in terms of group control and, by extension, organizational management, he thinks it will be a confirmation that it can be diverted to effective measures at E-Rantel.

Of course, as long as they take non-combatants to the battlefield, Nazarick will put it into practice with due consideration for ensuring safety. All this of course needs Momonga's approval. Sebas Tian speaks out asking if he will be providing the security at the venue. The idols state that the two would be they do not plan to be careless but having Sebas Tian in the audience would give them peace of mind to concentrate on the show. Mare offers to help with security but Aura request him to manage the Great Forest of Tob while she is performing, mostly as she did not want Mare to watch her in the audience.

Albedo seeing that the two were enthusiastic about the live idol show, asks him to decide. Momonga then speaks that he can see their enthusiasm for this plan, however bringing non-combatant general maids so close to the Crack and Chaos Beasts seems to have an unbalanced risk to the merits. The general maids are of course the properties of his cherished friends and an important component of the Great Tomb of Nazarick But he decides to allow Demiurge to give a counterargument to dispel everyone's concerns. The demon gives four reasons for making he Chaos Beast Subjugation a live event. The first that it fulfills a recreational purpose of the general maids, helping to alleviate their mental fatigue and Momonga's concerns. The second is to reduce the burden on Aura and Shalltear. Since being an idol is an extension of their normal duties of subduing Chaos Beasts Demiurge and allow them to adapt to their new roles. It's reasoned by the idols themselves that if could attract the audience with a better performance by making the best use of their specialty. And the fourth reason is to give the general maids a sense of danger. By them in the same space as the Chaos Beasts, Demiurge hopes they can also prevent them from freezing in case of an emergency. That in mind Sebas Tian recalls that many of the maids only know of the Chaos Beasts by knowledge so it would be beneficial to have the opportunity to see the real thing safely. Albedo gets that the demon wants to have this event also serve as an evacuation drill, giving them first hand experience of encountering a Chaos Beast to better prepare them.

The merits listed by the Guardians are convincing to Momonga though he reminds them that a series of items need to be included for this to work. First, the highest priority is to establish an evacuation route for the general maids. At the time of the live idol show, Nazarick should begin admission of the maids after confirming that the Chaos Beasts have not appeared just yet. During the live show, Sebas Tian maintains the role of guarding the maids. And lastly after the performance everyone should evacuate from the vicinity immediately. Since the Crack can be sometimes unpredictable and the number of presences could trigger an exceptional situation, therefore, the live show will be opened at a limited number of times. With the establishment of a solid plan Momonga announces the order to proceed before his subjects.

Once the meeting ends, Demiurge walking with his fellow peers in the hallways thanks Sebas Tian for not disagreeing when he brought his proposal to Momonga. The butler states that he wasn't opposed to the plan to begin with as it is for general maids which will lead to the stability of E-Rantel in the future. Though to the demon the idol plan sees it as a method to reap the riches of E-Rantel for the benefit of the Sorcerer Kingdom, but nevertheless is glad to see their goals align for now.

Others listening like Shalltear and Aura become worried about Demiurge's future plans, though their worries are dismissed by the protagonist who mentions that the 7th Floor Guardian is going to take measures to prepare their fans by referring to them idol related literature to avoid mistakes. Their first live idol show is planned to be on the 6th Floor as it is a location that can be easily evacuated and familiar to Aura.

A few days later, before the Gigantic Tree, a the general maids have gathered for the show. Maids such as Foire and Cixous eagerly wait in anticipation whilst Sebas Tian stand guard with them by Pestonya. A Death Knight is also present with them used as a familiar to view the show by Momonga using [Undead Slave Sight]. The show is about to begin and Demiurge emerges before the assembled maids to welcome them to the first live show of LittleMass and introduces himself as the producer with the stage name Demi P. Requesting their cooperation he asks them to follow the staff's instructions to enter the venue for the event and informs of them Chaos Beasts subjugation that will be present during the show and reassures them all will be well.

The group follow the instructions and are guided to the ominous Crack on the 6th Floor. Despite being told it to be safe, Foire and Cixous cannot help feel unnerved at the phenomena as it is the very thing that nearly destroyed Nazarick. The show begins with an explosion of a [Vermilion Nova], revealing Alkaline and Acidity. At the same time the idols welcome their fans the Crack behind them begins to glow signaling the beginning of LittleMass's show as the group prepare to fight the coming Chaos Beasts before the crowd.[6]


The show concludes at night time, and LittlelMass's first live was held as a two-part system, a day part and a night part, so that all maids could enjoy it, and both were successful. They are seen in the guest room right after their performance, both idols thrilled at the cheers they received. Likewise Demiurge and Slimeko are rather proud that their hard work paid off even though it was just the start. Everything had gone as expected by the planners and look forward to the evolving future projects for their group. Pestonya soon arrives asking if the maids could proceed with the handshake events before they are sent back to their rooms. The general maids are then lined up neatly, carefully ushered by Slimeko to personally give their praises to the idols Acidity and Alkaline. Not just the general maids come to show their thanks but the likes of Neuronist, the Pleiades and Albedo.

Later at the Round Table, Momonga listens to the report from Demiurge and Albedo on the show. Despite viewing the show via his thrall, Momonga was unable to hear anything but still counts the event as a success which his aides affirm. However he notices that the idols and the the protagonist are absent from the meeting and asks on their whereabouts. Its explained that they are currently producing autographs for their fans they are mingling with the handshake event. The interaction seems like spot on idol-like behavior. From the literature garnered by Demiurge he accounts that fans of idols are enthusiastic about items that can only be obtained by a limited number of people, such as venue-limited goods. As of now the autographs produced by Acidity and Alkaline are one such types. Curious on creating a collectible series Momonga asks about the distribution of such memorabilia. According to Demiurge it has decided that it is necessary to establish a state of intoxication with the subject in order to bring the group to idolatry. Thus encouraging the fans to collect goods really makes sense in the process. It's also suggested that a distribution policy for collectibles, would be possible in E-Rantel in the future as the Sorcerer Kingdom distribute supplies there already.

Momonga hearing this is comfortable to allow the demon to handle the details. Demiurge promises to do his best and requests Albedo's assistance in the endeavor. Cloth products are indispensable for standard goods and since Albedo is good at sewing, making the fans should go smoothly. In response Albedo is happy to lend her expertise to provide the maids with items of happiness related to her 'favorite partner'.[7]