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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

(Part 1) Nazarick Revitalization Plan -Anniversary- (【前編】ナザリック再生計画-記念-) is a game event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on February 15, 2022 to March 4, 2022. This event continues in (Part 2) Nazarick Revitalization Plan -Anniversary-. The event was re-released on March 6, 2023 to March 19, 2023.[1]


National Foundation Day Ceremony. A plan that was secretly hatched by Demiurge and Albedo, finally starts. In order to carry out "diplomacy" as the Sorcerer Kingdom, for the ceremony, the subordinates begin important preparations in their foreign affairs.[2]

Purpose of Event[]

Taking place on the 7th Floor, Demiurge is in communication with Evil Lord Wrath who is stationed in the Abelion Hills and overseeing Nazarick's operations there. Wrath reports to his superior about the latest information about from some of his high ranking subordinates who are able to become stronger depending on the types of ores they consume. Wrath though feels that they may be trying to deceive him, but Demiurge feels that it may be too soon to dismiss the idea and orders Wrath to verify it first before enacting a possible punishment. Once the [Message] ends, Evil Lord Envy nearby notes that Demiurge seems rather pleased by the news from Wrath. Demiurge does not disagree and asks the demoness to guard the 7th Floor as he must attend a meeting on the 9th Floor.

At the 9th Floor in the Round Table Room, Demiurge meets with Albedo to prepare for an execution of a plan they have been working on. The two are in agreement that the reconstruction of Nazarick is going well, despite the numerous unexpected issues they encountered and may even helped accelerate their plans. So far it appears that many of the Floor Guardians have already regained their original strengths and undead summons have increased thanks to Momonga and Pandora's Actor power and also due to the Crack. The duo then talk about the plan for the Tripartite Alliance, in terms of their political influence over the human alliance. At present their influence over the Slane Theocracy is minimal due to the nation's wariness toward the Sorcerer Kingdom, but for the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire they present no problems. Their power of the three nations is evidenced of the Sorcerer Kingdom's authority over E-Rantel. By now the two agree that it is now time to begin the next phase of their plan.

Later at Momonga office he reads Albedo and Demiurge's proposal for a "Sorcerer Kingdom Foundation Memorial Ceremony" plan. The plan report before Momonga is difficult to read due to the thickness for Momonga though he feigns acceptance of the proposal before the Floor Guardians. After trying for a few minutes to read the material he gives up but has no inkling on what it entails due to the complexities of the calculations, political and legal language, but agrees to commemorate the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom with all the ceremonies and necessary preparations. The approval thrills Albedo and and Demiurge. Demiurge then moves forward to announce to their associates of their inclusion of being part of the Sorcerer Kingdom and Albedo plans to make the opportunity to led the Guardians and Pleiades learn "etiquette" and "diplomatic protocol" in preparation for contact with foreign powers. While Momonga feels that the effort is secondary to Nazarick full reconstruction, he agrees to the plan as the ceremony will be a good thing for their organization and create a sense of belonging and celebrate their achievements. Before their discussion ends, Albedo requests that a social party be organized after the ceremony which Momonga has no issue to permit so long as they explain the necessity. The questions though leads Albedo and Demiurge to think that their master noticed their secret intentions for the party and praise the undead of his foresight. In reality Momonga is as clueless as to what they are talking about.[3]

At the Round Table Room, the Floor Guardians assemble to hear about the ceremony to commemorate the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Some wonder of the need as their nation has already legitimacy after being recognized by the Tripartite Alliance. Demiurge stresses to his peers that in order to negotiate with other countries on an equal footing or higher they would have to present themselves as an established nation. Albedo agrees as the Sorcerer Kingdom will soon move openly thus creating a ceremony for the summons and the other will instill them a national identity. The idea of belonging to a nation still confounds some like Cocytus and Sebas Tian. Though Albedo and Demiurge explain that this ceremony will be the first step in accumulating proper manners and protocols for future diplomatic relations between nations. Albedo sternly warns her peers that the importance of this plan, underlining that there can be no mistakes as everyone present in the room hold a place in the center of the nation. Additionally she makes a not so subtle threat against failure, stating she will not hesitate to use her authority to remove them from their positions. Her threatening words shock the others in the room. Shalltear Bloodfallen is the first to speak, stating that Albedo's warning is a bit of overkill and a bit audacious to claim to have the right to strip her peers of the positions granted to them by the Supreme Beings. Noting that Shalltear is challenging her, Albedo is adamant that she holds the right as Momonga has already approved of such a privilege. Momonga stunned at this stutters and replies that is correct as it keeps in line to his sensibilities of a corporate hierarchy.

This makes everyone nervous, causing Demiurge to scold Albedo for threatening their peers, even if it was to stimulant their attention. Albedo apologizes as to him and the others as she was merely acting out the role of an exercise that will happen in the future. She informs them that the rehearsal of ceremony will take some time to prepare though warns them that they should be ready. To explain what they are doing, Demiurge states that Nazarick will host a diplomatic ceremony and invite "clients" such as the newcomers like Hamsuke, Kyuko, and the lizardmen. Cocytus draws some concern of this as the lizardmen are not privy to Nazarick's location, but Demiurge believes believes that it is acceptable as the demi-humans can be used for the ceremony rehearsal. By having a ceremony and welcoming event to carry diplomacy would be advantageous as it will evoke merits of being friendly with their nation but also expose the primitive lizardman to more culture and provide their new allies some context to Nazarick.

For this to be successful, necessary preparations are needed in advance, like a study session on manners and diplomatic protocols. Next would be to invite their guests to their little ceremony for the National Foundation Day. However after the event and social party, Albedo plans to add the most crucial aspect of their founding ceremony: unveiling a statue of Momonga. This leaves everyone speechless, though the idea of the first memorable statue in honor of their liege is enticing, as is the plan to spread Momonga's image and the Sorcerer Kingdom using more effigies. Albedo and Demiurge designate themselves as the leaders of this project. Questions are raised on where the statue will be install and a few of the Floor Guardians offer to allow their own floors the honor of hosting the statue. In the midst of the jockeying for the honor, Pandora's Actor is let into the room by Lumière for the financial debriefing but soon gets enthralled by the petitions to host the statue in his Treasury. Momonga though finds the allocation of resources for such item to be ostentatious but cannot reject it as it would make him appear to be second-guessing a plan he already approved. To solve the debate on who should have the privilege of installing the statue on their floor, Demiurge suggests putting it to a contest. Whoever exhibits best spectacular diplomatic protocols and manners will get the honor. The offer is quickly accepted by all present in the room.

After sharing the plan with the Floor Guardians, Momonga back in his office contemplates the remaining scenes of the discussion in the Round Table Room. Demiurge had discussed the niceties of diplomacy and the purpose of showing the other nations that the Sorcerer Kingdom was culturally superior. To do this requires the concentration of all the Guardians. For the study session, Momonga believing he will be the supervisor is instead asked by Demiurge to be absent as such a session would be redundant for their esteemed leader who already mastered diplomacy. The Guardians high expectation of him on his abilities puts him in at a bad position because Momonga as no experience in diplomacy. Now he is left to struggle how to correct this handicap, as he cannot simply go to Ashurbanipal to do some research without letting it out of how lacking his supposed knowledge is. At first at a loss, Momonga has an idea, causing him to depart from his office to carry it out.[4]


A few days later, Demiurge and Mare Bello Fiore travelled to the Abelion Hills via the underground tunnel. The two are on a mission to acquire material suitable for the statue Demiurge plans to make of Momonga. Upon reviewing the reports from the hills, Demiurge had receive information that a vein of metal was discovered there which will act as perfect material for his masterpiece. The metal is adamantite which to Mare believes to be a soft metal to use. While Demiurge agrees with the assessment, he believes that the material is just right for the Supreme One. Adamantite while inferior to apoithakarah and scarletite is sufficient for their use since its considered to be the highest quality of metal to the people in this world. The reason why they are on this trip is that they cannot use the materials from the Treasury as they are reserved for the security of the dungeon. By creating a statue made of adamantite, a metal used to represent the highest level of adventurers it will project the message that their master Momonga has the greatest rank and prestige. The Floor Guardians reach the end of the tunnel that leads into the hills where they are met by Wrath and a Stone Eater ready to escort the pair to the site of the vein of ore. The four then journey to the site, fighting through waves of Chaos Beasts.[5]

At the Great Lake where the village of the lizardmen is located, Shasuryu Shasha along with his brother Zaryusu Shasha, Zenberu Gugu and Crusch Lulu meet with Cocytus. The lizardmen find the idea of belonging to a country to be novelty as there is concern that being associated with a larger entity would cause them to be attacked. In the past Nazarick has acted as their benefactor though they respected the secrecy. Cocytus assures him that those concerns are no longer of importance as they are invited to Nazarick to celebrate their nation's founding. Crusch is still suspicious of the offer, but Zaryusu believes that the invitation is an expression of Cocytus's master's gratitude. The lizardmen discuss amongst themselves on who will go, though those like Zenberu decline as being at a formal event is not to his liking and he fears he may due something embarrassing. Their reasons are accepted and Cocytus decides to assist them in culling the surrounding Contaminated Beasts in the area.

In the Great Forest of Tob, Aura Bella Fiora is already meeting with Hamsuke and Kyuko. The pair are surprised by the invitation for a formal event at Nazarick. Hamsuke though wonders if they are being called to Nazarick to be punished by Aura tells her that is not the case. The dark elf even allow Hamsuke's Death Knight companion to attend. The fox and hamster look forward to the date and promise to make Aura proud at the event. Glad Aura then assists the two in clearing the Chaos Beasts from the area before leaving to make preparations.[6]

One day later Aura and Shalltear are summoned by Albedo in her room. Since all three are female Floor Guardians, Albedo wanted to discuss about the schedule for the day of the ceremony. Part of it involves hosting a social party to entertain guests which would involving a ball and dancing. Aura though points out that the guests include lizardmen and Hamsuke, and that they might not be able to dance. Albedo though is confident that their inexperience can be brushed aside so long as they are entertained. Dance would be an important aspect in diplomatic circles as it functions as a measure of education and class for the Sorcerer Kingdom. Though this is something that all the high-ranking members of Nazarick, Albedo wanted to bring the Shalltear and Mare so that they can tackle on how to dance. It's Albedo's hope to acquire dancing skills as a skillset to use in honey traps with diplomatic officials. And most importantly seduce Momonga. However they need to prepare themselves, as once they open talks with other nations in social events they will have to actually touch the human delagates.

The three then begin their dance training, which involves three Death Knights to serve as their partners. Albedo reasons to use these undead as their touch can be prepare them to build a resistance in touching foul humans used as practice. A few days after the start of their training, sees that the Death Knight getting pummeled by their female dance partners. The three are having trouble retraining themselves. Albedo has an idea to counter this resistance and proposes a new step in training to steel their resolve, involving dancing with Kyouhukou, as he can actually dance, both Aura and Shalltear cringe at the thought but manages to convince them to do so for Nazarick's future.[7]

At the canteen on the 9th Floor, Sebas Tian holds a meeting with Pestonya Shortcake Wanko, Cixous, Foire and the Pleiades, minus Solution Epsilon, about the upcoming National Foundation Day Ceremony. They are debriefed that outsiders will be coming, that will include Hamsuke, Kyuko, the lizardmen, and a Death Knight. Yuri Alpha adds that they will need to be welcoming, and the event will serve as training for other outsiders to Nazarick. The butler stresses that while their guests are present, they will have to be hospitable as possible, to raise their evaluation of Momonga in the eyes of foreign nations. In order to do that Pestonya advises that to provide the best hospitality they will need to know their guests n advance like their race, customs, likes and dislikes, etc. To make their guests feel as welcoming as possible, Sebas Tian promises to arrange a talk with Aura and Cocytus since the down know the guests best. The details of the venue for the event are revealed to take place in the Fake Nazarick. The Pleiades for the event are charged with the security of the event. Since Solution was still away from Nazarick, Narberal Gamma offers to relay the information to her sister. Pestonya is then asked by the butler to speak with the chefs to prepare appropriate food. The butlers sets the maids to make accommodations for their guests, commenting that the aid of Éclair Éklair Éklare would be useful.

Meanwhile underground in the Abelion Hills, Mare and Demiurge are guided by Wrath and the Stone Eater to the location of the vein of adamantite. However there appears to be a Crack and Chaos Beasts have flooded the area. Demiurge surveying the area muses that the place used to be a nest of monsters, that the demi-humans on the surface avoided despite the valuable minerals. However it looks like new creatures have move in, and thanks to the Stone Eaters information, Demiurge intends to extract the ores for his statue. The group are aggressively approached by several powerful Chaos Beasts: a Giant Chaos Beast, a Warrior Chaos Beast, and a Quadruped Chaos Beast. Their Stone Eater guide is uncomfortable of the odds and wants to retreat, but his masters have other ideas and wish to test out their strength.[8]


Back at the Abelion Hills, Mare, Demiurge, Wrath and the Stone Eater finally wipe out the Chaos Beasts guarding the adamantite vein. The Floor Guardians comment that the monsters were not as strong as they hoped an a bit disappointed in the lack of challenge. They then turn to expanding the underground site, with Demiurge ordering Mare to use his magic to grow plants to expand the area into a proper mine and stabilize the ceiling. Demiurge then plans to assign summons to start mining operations for materials for his statue. For Wrath, Demiurge asks if the Evil Lord has prepared a list of demi-humans that will settle in E-Rantel. Wrath confirms that a selection of races for labor has already been made. Since Mare has no issue of being seen by humans, he volunteers to escort the new immigrants. The two part ways with Mare heading to E-Rantel and Demiurge returning with his coveted ores.

In the Treasury, Pandora's Actor sits with Momonga for a meeting. Momonga had wished to speak with his creation on the development of the Floor Guardians now practicing diplomatic mannerism and ceremonies. Momonga being unable to attend the courses and training that the Floor Guardians are undergoing to improve their social acumen and diplomacy tries to use his creation as a resource. By using flattery on Pandora's Actor and hailing him a "trump card" of Nazarick, Momonga uses the meeting under the pretense to gauge the Area Guardian's knowledge on diplomatic manners. He has high hopes as the Overlord recalled that the doppelgänger had impersonated the protagonist. To his disappointment the Area Guardian never bothered to learned any of that knowledge as he believed it was unnecessary at the time. This makes Momonga curse his horrible luck, though berates Pandora's Actor for lacking in this field. Pandora's Actor is confused as why his master wants to acquire such knowledge as he believes Momonga's mind is an unfathomable abyss of wisdom. However Momonga corrects him stating that he only ha specialized knowledge of etiquette from his profession as a salaryman calling it a job that relies on information warfare. Not understanding the term, Pandora's Actor believes it to be a magic-related occupation. Ashamed of his lack of commitment in addressing this aspect, the Area Guardian swears to do better and vows to refine his skills for the sake of his master. Misunderstandings aside, Momonga is just relieved that he pointed Pandora's Actor to gain diplomatic skills for the event so that he can learn in time for the ceremony.[9]