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• 3/17/2019

Side Story Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen we are about one month away from Kugane Maruyama's next release. The Vampire of a Ruined Country is as of the time of this announcement considered a prequel of the Main series and may include new characters locations and new lore about the New World in Overlord. With this said I will explain how we will handle the release process once the Side Story comes out.

The moment we get a release date I will announce it to everyone here and I will encourage the Discord leadership to do the same. When the time of release comes about we will monitor all sources for the release of information. Any fake information posted will be immediately removed any Images posted that are not scanned and not of good quality will be removed. As information comes out we will post it on the page. It may take a good while but we intend to get it done until the last bit of information is revealed. The first information dump we get may not come on release day due to the special way they are releasing it it may take many weeks to get all the information onto the Wiki so be patient we will get down to it when we have the time and information to do it. Don't worry we really don't intend to stop until all Overlord content is here on this Wiki.

As for the Manga, we still intend to continue on with the releases that come out monthly regularly until the Manga stops which hopefully won't be for a long time.

With all that said we have content still coming out and our mission is not over. We will work hard on these releases AND we intend to work on the release after the Side Story and its the one you've all been asking about. Yes, I'm talking about Volume 14. Until then people keep on waiting for a little longer and I promise you will be rewarded.

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• 3/5/2019

Just listen to it once, it is beautiful.

https://www.reddit.com/r/overlord/comments/axoj01/an_amazing_cover_of_silent_solitude_season_3_outro/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IenCizhBvOc&feature=youtu.be
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• 3/4/2019
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• 2/27/2019


is there a set date for release of the new volume and side stuff?

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• 2/23/2019
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• 2/19/2019

Are most Overlord fans in college?

  • Nope, too young
  • Nope, Just working
  • yes
  • Graduated and working
  • Graduated, but getting my masters/Ph.D
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• 2/18/2019

Judge my ultimate wizard

Name: Culmen Veneficus

(Latin for Highest Wizard)

Total stats 732:

HP 75

MP 100

PA 35

PD 80

A 70

MA 97

MD 80

R 95

SP 100

Racial Class 0 Lvs: Human

Job Class 100 Lvs:

Lv 10 Wizard

Lv 10 High Wizard

Lv 10 War Wizard

Lv 10 Elementalist Air

Lv 10 Elementalist Earth

Lv 10 Elementalist Fire

Lv 10 Elementalist Water

Lv 10 Elementalist Light/Star

Lv 10 Armored Mage

Lv 10 Illusionist

Unique Ability (Fanfic): Elemental Aura, Elemental attacks (except non-type attacks, ex: True Dark) can be manipulated from buffs to debuffs, redirecting user & opponents attacks (except Tier 8 and above) & release any elemental area-affect.

Appearance: A 5 ft 10 in, 40 yr old healthy muscular man with a spartan hair cut and long stubble beard hair and glowing cyan eyes. Initially, wears business cloths like Jude Law in Fantastic Beasts, but the vest has golden flower designs mixed with pink silk, the tie is maroon & the sleeves have a golden edge. His armor in battle is mostly metallic grey/silver with neon-blue, black designs.

Lore: Very antisocial and easily tempered to the point that he uses illusions to leave conversations tricking others into believing that he's still there and communicating. He friends are literally books, the librarian, & Mare. Know every written language and has the highest learning capacity in academics. He can learn a new language in a week or 2 and even quantum physics. Life matto, "Live like a candle and burn brightly" - S0NofA1NZ

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• 2/18/2019

I'm new to this wiki stuff

I'm new to this shit but i have to say that i love that overlord has a fandom and i love this community
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• 2/17/2019

Post Number 200. What's Your favorite moment in the Overlord series?

I had to steal the 200th post.

Tell me what your favorite moment in all of the Overlord series is. You can pull from any continuum (WN,LN,Anime,Manga,Specials,AD), just has to be your favorite moment. It could be something that made you laugh, made you cry, or indoctrinated you into being an Overlord fan.

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• 2/16/2019

It's about time...

Following the LN and even the anime, it appears that's AOG has been in the NW for a while now, at least a year or more, given all the events happening...now my pet peeve is our dear Momonga...I get it, I really do, that he's after all 'just' a salaryman in real life, but hasn't he had enough experience over all this time as a real overlord with the kind of power and responsibilities that comes with it? Why is he still having moments of indecisiveness and general anxiety whenever it comes to making hard (or sometimes not even that) decisions? Especially later on in Volumes 12-13, he keeps going back to that pathetic, indecisive imbecile mindset about what he's doing (or supposed to be doing) but then it really dawned onto me...Momoga is supposed to be the 'great' guild leader, who also is supposedly someone that is highly strategic and cunning and all that jazz. Whatever happened to that? Why still so clueless after all this time? Why still questioning himself time and time again? It's just getting annoying no? Let's discuss!

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• 2/15/2019

Made a new 1, tell me what you think

Name: Allusio Nox Verum aka All

(Latin, means playing in true darkness/night)

Total stats 732:

HP--100 | 70

MP---90 | 77

PA---90 | 90

PD---56 | 85

A-----85 | 70

MA--85 | 85

MD--56 | 85

R-----85 | 85

SA---85 | 85

Racial Class (20 Lvs):

Lv 10 Vampire

Lv 10 True Vampire

Job Class (80 Lvs)

Lv 5 Blood Drinker

Lv 10 Assassin

Lv 5 Master Assassin

Lv 10 Cleric

Lv 10 High Cleric

Lv 5 Cursed Knight

Lv 5 Ninja

Lv 5 Battle Cleric

Lv 5 Valkyrie: Sword

Lv 10 Sword Saint

Lv 5 Asura

Lv 5 Knight of Niflheim

Unique ability (Fanfic):

True Mist (timed ability), Immune to damage for a moment (Duration & Cool-down, below)

Dusk to Dawn

12 sec/100 hrs

11 sec/90 hrs

10 sec/80 hrs

09 sec/70 hrs

08 sec/60 hrs

07 sec/50 hrs

06 sec/40 hrs

05 sec/30 hrs

04 sec/20 hrs

03 sec/10 hrs

02 sec or less /12 sec

Dawn to Dusk

1 sec or less /12 sec

Hidden Feature

Between 12 am & 12:01 am/984 hrs (41 days)

Lore: The Ice Cold True Blood Vampire King. He is the King of all vampires (except Shalltear who is his superior since she's a Floor Guardian) and serves the Supreme Beings of AOG with selfless compassion & benevolence in all up-most loyalty. He also thrives to bring happiness to his kind and comrades. He feels only pity for all non-Nazarick beings which he literally views as animals or live stock meaning in his eyes there is no difference between an insect, sheep, and humans (which is a higher view of humans than most NPCs), but a useless being is the same as dirt and is only good for fertilizer or a drink. He does not kill for sport only when needed or ordered or to get rid of an annoying pest, but he does enjoy to collecting animals technically living things.

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• 2/13/2019

The Six Big Demi-Human Countries at the Centre of the Continent

Freely speculate please! We know that at least ONE of this countries is a ''Beastman Country'' so that just leaves the remaining FIVE currently unknown nations.

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• 2/12/2019

Just how powerful is the AOG army?

I've been thinking about this for the longest time and I'm quite unsure just how strong is AOG's current military strength at the moment (post volume 13).

More importantly, is there any information as to the exact number of NPCs outside of the guardians etc that's already named? I'm talking undead, POPs, summons, the whole shebang.

If anyone knows, it'll be super awesome, but if not, let's discuss anyway ;)

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• 2/10/2019

Judge my custom npc and make your own.

Name: Lepidus Salire

Total stats 732:

* HP 100   | 100

* MP 11    | 60

* PA 121    |97

* PD 110   |95

* A 80     |85

* MA 0      |0

* MD 110   |95

* R 100     |100

* SA 100  |100

Racial Class 50 Levels:

* Lv 10 Dragonling

* Lv 10 Young Dragon

* Lv 10 Adult Dragon

* Lv 5 Elder Dragon

* Lv 5 Ancient Dragon

* Lv 10 Dragonoid

Job Class 50 Levels:

* Lv 10 Blacksmith

* Lv 10 Craftsman

* Lv 5 Weapon Smith

* Lv 5 Weapon Master

* Lv 5 Assassin

* Lv 5 Master Assassin

* Lv 5 Ninga

* Lv 5 Cursed Knight

Unique Ability (I mean self made): Crystal Scales, some of the scales are actual data crystals usually low tier, rarely mid tier and there's a 1/8192 chance of high tier.

Lore: Loved by, but not a follower of the God of Creativity, Hephaestus. Created with the passion of a craftsman and will of a blacksmith and dragon's love for hording treasure. Loved to create new weapons, shields, magic weapons, magic items, cursed items, jewelry, sometimes different type of golems, etc. Lepidus is a strange dragon, his creator would often give him (useless) items and materials instead of wastefully disposing them. Unlike stereotypical dragons, when Lepidus receives such materials, he'd always have the urge to create masterpieces from top class to legendary class items and once even a divine class item then organize them instead of making a bed of treasure. Lepidus' dream is to one day explore the outside WORLDs and discover new resources and learn new useful forging techniques (he mostly wont). Lepidus is often known as the silent blacksmith for his aw inspiring performance to the point of admiration and terror. When he forges there's no sound in the room, nor the clanging of the hammer hitting instead you feel the impact of the hammer as if you were the one being forged. When interrupted, he instinctively lands the hammer on the intruder. 

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• 2/2/2019

Non-Powerful but tricky items

I'm was trying to get into D&D, and thought of a weapon that doesn't necessarily defeat opponents but instead puts them to sleep with a solid hit. It would be a Staff called Long Void and it would be made of pure wood or steel, but the item is enchanted to put others to sleep on impact. What do you think? And what idea's do you have about weapons with special features that are not necessarily OP?

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• 1/31/2019
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• 1/26/2019

Which of this Kingdom or Empire would you like to serve in as a Knight or Noble or anything else.

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• 1/24/2019

Weakness Is Sin. In Ainz Ooal Gown name ... Amen.

When AOG becomes 1 of the major religions, how would it affect the WORLD?

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• 1/22/2019

Which of this women in Roble Holy Kingdom is the Hottest.

  • Calca Bessarez(The Holy Queen)
  • Remedios Custodio(The Strongest Paladin)
  • Kelart Custodio(The Strongest Priestess)
  • Neia Baraja(The Mad eye Archer)
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• 1/21/2019

Can Lore of an NPC become true/real? Even memories?

For example, Say a Custom NPC has a Lore/flavor text: "Was once a human who inhabited a devoured WORLD and reincarnated into an Evil Being created in the eyes of the Supreme Beings whom I give grace for my soul's salvation and utmost loyalty."

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